20 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android [Free & Paid]

Photo editing apps are crucial in today’s world as they allow individuals to enhance the quality of their photos and create personalized and eye-catching visuals. With the rise of social media and the need for visually appealing content, photo editing apps provide users with a wide range of tools to improve brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

With these photo editing apps, with just your mobile phone you can design a wonderful graphic approach to make your company banners, aesthetic social media posts, impressive visual arts, and whatnot. These apps include a broad variety of options, such as resizing, adding special effects, applying filters, etc. Digital camera images are imported into these picture editing apps to modify them. Overall, photo editing apps play a significant role in modern communication and personal expression.

Some of the best photo editing apps are now available to everyone, not only professionals but even beginners. Users can easily retouch images on their smartphones and present them as excellent pieces of art. Your mobile phone can now effectively control both image capturing and retouching thanks to the inherent editing capability of these photo editing applications.

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Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Selecting the editing application best suited for you depends on a few parameters. It must be simple to operate and interactive. smartphone-friendly environment. with a wide range of editing tools at your disposal. We have come up with a list of the 20 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android devices.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed - best photo editing apps for android

Snapseed is a comprehensive and expert picture editor. This editing tool was created by Google. There are several apps and effects available here to experiment with your pictures. It has a ton of creative templates and picture modification capabilities.

The application comes packed with toolkits and templates of the highest caliber that both amateur and expert photographers can use. It is very user-friendly and editing RAW files is especially easy. The simple adjusters can be moved with the fingertip.

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You can fine-tune the image by single or multiple adjusting the brightness and hue, Crop either arbitrarily or in specified sizes, omit the unwanted person from a group photo and use a paintbrush to perfect the luminance, intensity, or temperature of an image. Snapseed is one of the finest free photo editing apps.

Snapseed is available on Google Play Store.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a creative tool used for effective photo editing

Adobe Photoshop Express is a creative tool used for effective photo editing. The uncomplicated interface of the application attracts editors of all skill levels and lets them express their creativity through its vast assortment of toolkits.

You have access to a large and varied array of tools and techniques with Photoshop Express. Large and diverse functions and techniques are available. Use complete and partial addition with blur to eliminate backgrounds and draw attention to particular topics. Utilize the picture-altering tool to add stickers, overlays, blurring, and visual effects to improve hues and photos while also personalizing and perfecting your encounters.

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That has all the tools you want from a simple photo editor to produce shareable photographs. With only a few clicks, you may crop a photo’s size, straighten up photos, or adjust camera shots. With a few quick gestures, you can eliminate background music and cover-up flaws. The premium version of Adobe Photoshop Express costs $9.99 per month.

Adobe Photoshop Express is available on Google Play Store.

Download: Prisma on PlayStore

3. Picsart


Picsart is a great option for convenient image and video modification over the internet. Picsart offers a large range of editing tools that make creating entertaining since one may experiment with parameters and get the intended outcomes. By altering the platform’s various templates and effects, one may make their photographs prettier.

Picsart has a user-friendly design that makes it simple for both professional and inexperienced folks to operate and edit photos. A majority of the free elements are excellent. Features include cropping, fixing perspectives, color palettes, blurring, grids, brightness, color enhancements, aesthetic filters, retouching, lens flare effects, the FX tool, eliminating unwanted aspects, generating remixes, and so on.

The subscription plan gives users access to extra features. The plans are priced at $22.35 per year for Picsart Gold and $30.45 per year for a team.

Get Picsart on Google Play Store.

4. Photo Director

PhotoDirector is the leading company in photo editing apps

PhotoDirector is the leading company in photo editing apps. great features that are simple to utilize. There is no need for more than one app. It is simple to use for a beginner to perform any modification. It is a simple picture editor and collage creator for editing your photographs.

Eliminate any element from your picture rapidly, face Shaper enables you to make delicate, natural modifications to your face. Sky Modification lets you dramatically alter the sky in your photos, an amazing lighting tool that lets you add strobing lights to just about any picture. With just one click, create artistic animation and well-known portrait pictures. You can easily develop an animated rendition of your shot with AI artwork.

The premium plans are priced at 133 INR per and 207 INR per month.

Get Photo Director on the Play Store.

5. Lensa

Lensa is the best android app for photo editing

Lensa is the best android app for photo editing, that lets you make your photos look more lively and adds a unique touch of your creativity. It gives users the option to portray themselves via photographs and comes with a plethora of features. Make sure that every photo you take is flawless by using Lensa.

Take advantage of free picture editing tools. Each shot can be made excellent using its basic features and image enhancements. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to operate this editing software. Features include an auto-adjust function, predefined picture frames, a portrait option, and selfie-enhancing tools to remove zits, retouch, eliminate eye bags, or lighten under-eye circles.

Also, a variety of art techniques, correct any blurry photos, modify brightness, and remove distracting background elements. and so much more. The price structure for Lensa is extremely innovative. The prices start at $3.99 for 50 unique avatars, $5.99 for 100 unique avatars, and $7.99 for 200 unique avatars.

Lensa is available on Google Play Store.

6. Canva

Canva offers a variety of image enhancement effects

An amazing platform for visual communication is Canva. Canva offers a variety of image enhancement effects. The photographs you input and the images Canva supplies can both have enhancements applied to make them look attractive. However, learning its numerous capabilities and becoming comfortable with the program can consume quite some time. Amateurs can very well use this application, but having good designer experience will give you an edge.

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It can be used for anything from creating simple photo modifications to developing illustrations for social networking sites to writing projects and billboards. The features let you resize, brighten, blur, add borders, and stickers, change hues, adjust contrast, sharpen, put filters, and so much more. The layouts can be browsed through or searched for using languages or colors. The upload option allows you to add photographs.

Most of the features provided by Canva are free for top-notch editing options. But users who want added benefits then can buy the subscription packages. The plans are priced at $48.41 per year for pro users and $79.78 per year for the first five team users.

Download: Google PlayStore or Canva website

7. Epik

One of the best photo editing apps for picture editing is Epik

One of the best photo editing apps for picture editing, altering, and enhancement is Epik. It allows excellent photo retouching by using cutting-edge editing features. Features include highlights, beautiful portraits, flaw removal, a natural skin tone, creative makeup, body paint, hair, relighting, mosaics, touch-ups, creative picture editing, modern brushes, stickers, effects, adding texts, and much more.

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Utilize personalized templates for simple modifications and your distinctive design. Add images, make stickers with Cutouts, apply Strokes however you like, and make your original filters, borders, colored frames, backdrops, and AI effects.

It is among the finest free photo editing apps available for Android with an additional subscription option. This is a really helpful program for producing eye-catching collages or giving a photo a little modification.m The prices for the pro version are 59 INR per week for an ad-free editing experience.

Get Epik on Google Play Store

8. Pixlr

Pixlr is an exceptional photo editing app

Pixlr is an exceptional photo editing app that is not only suitable for professional editors but also for newbies who want to make their images look excellently retouched. Pixlr is a free and simple picture editor that will help you explore your imagination.

Features include abilities like trimming, slicing, adding music, graphics, and stickers, Easily getting rid of pimples, red eyes, flawless skin, lightening teeth, and more with basic equipment. Use overlaying to alter the tone of the images. Use the Color Splash function to emphasize color or the Focus Blurring technique to improve results. ongoing releases of new layouts, border collections, and filters.

The Favorites option enables you to maintain a record of your fave elements and graphics. Creating a profile is not necessary you can simply install the app to get started. The tool is priced at $4.90 per month for an individual user and $9.91 for a 5-user package.

Pixlr is available on Google Play Store.

9. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the greatest image editing software.

Adobe Lightroom is the greatest image editing software. If you are an editing enthusiast, this tool will be your holy grail. It has the majority of the essential photo-editing components and it is elegant and efficient. Explore fresh ideas from the Lightroom Discover feature and gain knowledge from other professionals who lead you through interactive lessons within the application.

Features include being able to make simple adjustments to lighting, tone, and other factors, settings for each and every skin color that makes pictures appear more professional, synchronization with the cloud for accessibility on other gadgets, and robust backgrounds and filters.

Although one initially needs to have a basic understanding of cinematography and editing, the application serves as a tremendous resource for both amateurs and experts. It absolutely functions as a flexible image management tool. The Lightroom subscription package costs $9.99 per month which comes with 1TB of online data storage.

Download: Adobe Lightroom on PlayStore

10. Gimp

GIMP is a sophisticated tool for unlimited photo editing

GIMP is a sophisticated tool for unlimited photo editing. GIMP offers continuous improvement, enables users to operate in Photoshop plug-ins, and quickly resolves any software inefficiencies. It is pretty simple to utilize yet has a very strong toolbox that can compete with really costly media editing software out there.

The resources needed for professional picture modification are provided by GIMP. You can express your creativity by generating artistic collages, restoration, polishing, and much more. Using GIMP, users can improve efficiency beyond by because there are so many personalization features and third-party plugins available.

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Features also include the use of cloning techniques to eliminate unnecessary elements, or the tools to quickly fix small flaws. By selecting the correct tool you can easily fix perspective distortions due to camera wobbles. You can use a filter and the UI to get rid of barrel distortion and lens correction. You can open, view, edit, and save files in a variety of media.

Whether you’re a social media influencer, tech creator, artist, illustrator, or visual artist, GIMP gives you the advanced methods you need to complete the project. Because it is open-source software, users can use it and share their work for free.

Download: Gimp website

11. PhotoShot

PhotoShot is a powerful photo editing application.

PhotoShot is a powerful photo editing application. Users of all ability levels are attracted to the software’s simple interface because it allows them to express their creativity using a wide range of development tools.

Features include great-quality effects, image resizing, backdrop changing, cropping, overlaying, background blurring, edits, layouts, fitting, adding sentences to pictures, stylish stickers, and extensive editing, as well as artistic tools for improving, stylizing, and animating your photographs.

With just one tap, Photo Enhancer uses cutting-edge AI technology to instantly improve photographs that are fuzzy, noisy, or of poor resolution. The PhotoShot best android app for photo editing that includes the ability to edit clothing in images. The premium services are priced at starts at 290 INR per week, 1900 INR per year, and 3650 INR for lifetime services.

Get PhotoShot on Play Store.

12. LightX photo editor

LightX is an easy-to-use photo editing app for android

LightX is an easy-to-use photo editing app for android. With the use of sophisticated photo editings tools like color mixing, contours, brightness, and ambient effects, you may modify images. Combine numerous photographs into photo collages using a range of collage designs and matrix patterns. Users can alter the collage’s dimensions, color scheme, and edge width.

Features include backdrop changes to their images. Users can also distort images, generate animations and cartoons, take adorable selfies and portrait shots, alter the hue of their hairstyle, add duotone impacts, combine images, and edit photographs for intensity, sharpness, exposure, hue, saturation, silhouettes, and highlighting. Combine photographs using various blending methods.

You can employ a variety of picture effects. Pimples and other facial imperfections should be removed. Alter hair color and use various hairstyles, making backgrounds blurry for portrait images. The prices for a pro version of the application for a year cost 1500 INR per year, 320 INR per month, and 160 INR per week.

LightX is on the Play Store.

13. Photo Editor: Collage Maker

Photo Editor: Collage Maker is an amazing picture editor

Photo Editor: Collage Maker is an amazing picture editor. You can create picture collages, photo grids, picture threads, and image edits for sharing on social networking sites using Photo Editor. It is the most comprehensive and efficient picture-editing app for Android smartphones. 

Features: comprise 300+ templates of picture frames or picture grids available; merge a maximum of 20 photographs to make a collage, with many options for backdrops, stickers, text, and doodles. Choose a photo, add words or quotes to the images, modify the collage’s borders and picture proportion, and much more.

Download photos in full definition and post them to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Line, and other social networking sites. To subscribe to premium service the application costs 720 INR per year and 1600 INR for lifetime services.

Get Photo Editor: Collage Maker on Play Store.

14. Touch Retouch

TouchRetouch is photo editing software

TouchRetouch is a photo editing app that lets you enhance your photos. The TouchRetouch software is incredibly practical since it allows you to get rid of unwanted components from a photograph. The software can be accessed and utilized by even a complete rookie.

Features include a flaw eraser that makes it simple to eliminate wrinkles, zits, and skin imperfections from any image. Choose the area or component of the photo by using the Brushes or Lasso tools, which enables you to remove unnecessary or fragmented components from the picture, simply remove lines from your photographs that are unnecessary, removal of things is quicker and simpler in this manner. and so many other features.

Anyone could fix the imperfections in their photos with just a single tap, thanks to the AI technology integrated into the application. The TouchRetouch app requires a one-time purchase of $3.99.

Get TouchRetouch on Play Store.

15. PicLab

PicLab-Photo Editor provides superb facilities

PicLab-Photo Editor provides superb facilities. You can alter your photographs with the effective editing software Photo Editor’s user-friendly functionality. Additionally, it contains a feature for making collages out of numerous pictures with no prior design expertise required.

Features include Simple text visibility, rotation, and resizing options, text elements, gorgeous text styles, stickers, and images from a great selection, periodic addition of new art and stickers, selection of dozens of patterns, borders, layers, and backgrounds; illumination, and other effects to give your images that additional flare; modification of the hue, blurring, sharpness, saturation, and color temperature of your images, variety of creative and fascinating collages; cropping images and much more.

Major features are free to use. However there are pop-up ads that can be annoying, and to remove these ads one can upgrade to the premium version. The cost to remove ads is 200 INR.

Download: Piclab App on the Playstore

16. PixelPhant


PixelPhant is a full-service center for modifying visual content for online businesses that seek to grow their client base. Get the images of your eCommerce products retouched in less than a day. Use PixelPhant’s business-level capabilities to handle documents and transactions with your company fast and efficiently.

Both PixelPhant’s product and tech support are exceptional. They are very interactive and consistently deliver a satisfactory experience. Services offered include product photo editing, background removal, color correction, clipping paths, ghost mannequins, product photo retouching, skin retouching, and shadow blending.

Our plans include everything that your business needs in a professional post-production service. The cost varies from $0.80 for monthly files under 3000 to $0.40 for monthly files beyond 3000. The order dashboard includes all of these features, as well as 24-hour shipping and unlimited updates.

Get the PixelPhant website.

17. Visage Lab

Visage Lab

Visage Lab is an expert aesthetic studio for your self-portrait photography. Share your improved images with your community by posting them on social networking sites. The outcome could be emailed or saved to the camera.

Features include completely automated face retouching, facial smoothening with the removal of facial shine, flaws, and wrinkles, Eye makeup, red eye treatment, the brightness of teeth, Forty or more amazing artistic effects, color improvement, eye-catching creative backdrops, and other effects to your photographs that have been altered to make them appear more attractive.

Numerous vintage and retro photographic effects, exotic backdrops, backlighting, and color filters. If it is a group picture, everyone’s face will be retouched. picture.

Download: Visage App from PlayStore

18. PhotoTune AI


Using the simple one-touch editing software PhotoTune, you can upgrade old pictures to make them appear fresher and more high-definition. It’s very simple to increase photo quality now. They offer HDR effects to boost photographs to elevated levels. Optimize and restore blurry, old, hazy, distorted, poor quality, hazy photographs.

Pick the image you choose to refine and raise the level of. Utilize Enhance function to increase the pixel density of any image. Photo Enhancer uses cutting-edge ai technology to instantly improve photos that are fuzzy, noisy, or of poor resolution.

Help boost your facial expression in photographs using photograph enhancement, revive outdated and compromised images, and fine-tune the images. To get access to the pro version subscribe to their paid services by paying 290 INR per week or 999 INR per year.

Get Phototune AI on the Play store.

19. Photo Editor Pro – Polish

Polish: Picture & Video Editor is a realistic editing app for image editing.

Polish: Picture & Video Editor is a realistic editing app for image editing. It contains all of the capabilities users need to modify pictures. Unleash your imagination and master photo editing. For a novice user, the functionality is excellent. It has incredibly easy to use, user-friendly, and convenient.

We advise anyone who wishes to do photo retouching, create collages, and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platforms to use this. This photo-editing program comes with all the features you might require to retouch your pictures. With only one swipe, you can erase backgrounds, generate collages out of photos, generate stickers, and apply trendy effects, filters, and templates.

Try their AI swap face editor’s animation picture overlay whenever you want to change your face into animated characters. To get the premium version, users need to pay 1350 INR for a time purchase or pay 650 INR per year.

Photo editor Pro Polish is available on the Play Store.

20. Prisma

Prisma is a photo editor program that produces incredible photo modifications that turn your photographs into artwork. Prisma delivers brand-new visual filters. You’ll definitely find some fantastic unique effects when you begin using the application.

It provides hundreds of art styles to give your images more originality. The best feature of this app is how frequently unique art styles are introduced. You may showcase your talent on several social networking sites using this application. You can use image modification options to facilitate genuine editing and hide flaws.

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Users can enjoy a selection of image features, such as temperature, clarity, contrasts, intensity, etc., under the image-enhancing menu. Prisma’s artistic lens interface supports over 500 photo effects for images. You can download the Prisma application from the play store for free. It charges $7.99 per month and $29.99 per year to subscribe.

End Note on Best Android App for Photo Editing

We hope you liked our in-depth take on some of the best photo editing apps for Android users. The applications let you play around with the tools and make your pictures look professionally edited with minimal to no charges imposed.

Do let us know which app you like the best and what you use for editing your pictures.

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