25 Best Free Offline Games for Android

The number of Android Games downloads is directly related to the Latest Android Versions. As upgraded versions are launched, UI and Gaming Experience are becoming better. Thus, android games are surpassing gaming consoles concerning smartphone advancement and compatibility.

Top Gaming Developers are now constructing android games that are providing gaming experience to the players. But, most of the games on the Play Store require a stable Internet Connection.

What if you are on vacation where internet availability is an issue? We’ve curated a list of the best offline games for android that you can play without any connectivity.

Our experts found these games offline as the most impressive ones and are best rated on Play Store. Start Playing Now 😀

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25 Best Offline Games for Android

We have divided games into different categories so as to target your interest and you can find your best games easily. These categories are Action, Racing, Adventure, Strategy, and Puzzle Games.

1. N.O.V.A Legacy

Best Game Developer Gameloft has developed this game. A top-rated action game where you can play Multiplayer Leagues and Team Deathmatch.

Gameplay – Kal Wardin (Hero), Yelena (AI Agent) combat together against alien invaders to protect humanity and solve the mystery behind the sudden assault.

2. Asphalt 8

Another game by Gameloft, Asphalt 8 is a premium racing game that you can play offline. Played by 100M+ users and 10M+ 4.4 Stars reviews it is one of my favorite games.

Gameplay – Compete with other racers by participating in different challenges and limited-time challenges on beautiful landscapes. It has 300+ licensed cars & bikes and 75+ tracks.

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3. 2048

When it comes to the best puzzle game, I prefer to play 2048 which was created by Androbaby. This is not just a puzzle game, this is a brain. You can choose board options from 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 8×8.

Gameplay – Swipe and Slide game, start with a tile having 2 as a number on it. When two sets of tiles touch, they merge into one, and numbers get doubled. 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, just like that you need to make it to 2048 to win this game.

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4. Traffic Rider

A generic bike racing game Traffic Rider is an old-school racing game having 100M+ downloads and 4.2 Stars reviews. This game is developed by SK Games.

Gameplay – Ride a bike by overtaking the traffic and collecting points on endless roads to unlock new bikes and missions.

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5. Beach Buggy Racing

A game by Vector Unit, Beach Buggy Racing is a different concept racing game that you are surely going to love.

Gameplay – 3D Off-Road Racing game where you have to compete with other participants on 15 racing tracks and 6 different game modes. This is a racing-adventure game for all ages.

6. Energy: Anti Stress Loops

A puzzle plus stress buster game developed by Infinity Games is my favorite relaxing game. 10M+ users already downloaded this game and still it is in trend.

Gameplay – You need to create a brokedown electric network by connecting loops with each other. Once a correct loop gets connected, it will lamp and you have to connect all loops in a line to clear a stage.

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7. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

Cover Fire is an offline shooting and sniper game developed by Viva Games Studios. In this, you can fight around the world by building your team and choosing your best weapon.

Gameplay – Participate in special operations by leading the battle and survive till the end of the battle to unlock a new level.

8. Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

A game by VNG Game Studios, Dead Target is a shooting game based on a Zombie theme. Time and Health need to be considered to win a game and move to the next level.

Gameplay – As a shooter, you have to kill zombies with available snipers and guns. In phrases, zombies waves will attack you and you need to be steady to kill them.

9. Adventure Escape Mysteries

A game by Haiku Games is one of the Best Offline Games for Android. It has 4.5 Star Ratings with 77K reviews on Play Store.

Gameplay – You as a Princess Nimue, save your kingdom and your people with your super special abilities. Choose your Mystery, Catch a Criminal Mastermind, Solve Unique Puzzles, Find Hidden Treasure, and Win the Game.

10. Swordigo

Swordigo is my favorite adventure game developed by Touch Foo, which is downloaded by 10M+ users and 4.7+ star ratings with 756K reviews.

Gameplay – 3D Game where you have to Run, Jump, and Slash challenges like monsters, treasures, dungeons with your favorite sword to embark on this game.

11. Swamp Attack

Developed by Outfit7 Limites, Swamp Attack is one of my best offline games for android. It has 390 Single Player Levels, 40 Multiplayer Levels, and exciting Tools and Guns.

Gameplay – You as the owner of your home, have to defend your house by destroying monsters & zombies with cool guns & explosives.

12. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

2D cartoon-themed-based combat game Mini Militia is developed by Miniclip.com and downloaded by 100M+ users. It’s a multiplayer game that can be played on a server. Offline Survival Mode is available for offline users.

Gameplay – Intense Battle at 20+ arena maps between your army and system’s army, and one who stands last, wins the game.

13. CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing is developed by CarX Technologies and it is among the best offline games for android and the best car racing game.

Gameplay – Traffic Car Racing Game where you can choose your favorite city, car, and game mode. You need to defend other participants & police to reach out end-point and win this game.

14. Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

Developed by Blyts, downloaded by 5M+ players, and 4.5 stars rated by 205K peoples, this is the best murder mystery game available on PlayStore.

Gameplay – You as a secret government counter-terrorist cleaner, have to dispose of bodies, destroy evidence, and leave no sign of the murder by solving puzzles.


With 10M+ downloads and Game of the Year (Adventure) winner, all the 100 levels in Badland have unique adventurers. It is designed in different theme gameplay that you are surely going to love.

Gameplay – You as a Badland need to travel from a beautiful forest in an atmospheric environment and find out what’s terribly wrong in the forest. The play is to discover imaginative traps and obstacles that came in your way.

16. Tricky Doors

Downloaded by 500K+ players, I like the combination of adventure + puzzles in the same game. The game is around 400MB, but you will surely going to love this.

Gameplay – A tricky adventure puzzle game where you have to solve a puzzle by finding a way out to escape hostile. Every stage has a unique escape story and you will love finding hidden objects.

17. Great Conqueror: Rome Offline

A strategy game to build Rome Empire as a powerful republic. Build Rome with a new construction system, recruiting soldiers, making war defense and fleets to maintain supremacy.

Gameplay – Powerful nations will attack you to take your supremacy and you have to fight by creating a strategy and using defense & soldiers.

18. Game of Warriors

Game of Warriors is a unique strategy game downloaded by 10M+ users and has 1M+ reviews. This game is created by Play365, which is a leading gaming development company.

Gameplay – Create powerful defense by upgrading defenses and soldiers to max level so that you can defend rival alliances. You need to prepare an attack and destroy enemy bases and towers to win the game.

19. Plants vs. Zombies Free

My favorite and one of the best offline games in strategy. I seriously love the concept behind the battle between zombies and landowners.

Gameplay – Zombie Waves are going to attack your home and you have to defend them by planting zapping trees, peashooters, cherry bombs, wall-nuts, and more before they reached out to your door.

20. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

An investigation puzzle game where you need to visit cities to solve investigations with complete puzzle gameplay. Tiny Room Stories is downloaded by 10M+ players and has 4.6-star ratings.

Gameplay – You as a detective, Explore the City – Find Clues – Solve Puzzles – Open Locks so that you can advance your investigation and solve a mystery.

21. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is the most downloaded and one of the best offline games for android. It is downloaded by 100M+ players and has 2M+ reviews on Play Store.

Gameplay – It’s a feeding game where you have to feed candies to a monster by cutting ropes. The ropes are arranged in a puzzle format and you need to cut the right rope to clear a level. This game has a total of 425 levels.

22. Build a Bridge

Puzzle + Logic + Creativity game which is among the best offline games for children. There will be some levels where the child requires your help.

Gameplay – You need to construct a bridge using available options only by considering the traffic flow and nearby environments. This puzzle game increases engineering and improvisation skills.

23. Hill Climb Racing

It’s a physics-based driving game developed by Fingersoft. Hill Climb Racing has 500M+ downloads and has 4.1 Star ratings on PlayStore.

Gameplay – Drive on a Hill by defending Obstacles and collecting Rewards to unlock new levels and powerful vehicles. You can also upgrade the engine, suspension, and tires and customize your car with custom accessories.

24. Stick War: Legacy

With more than 100M downloads, this game is developed by Max Games Studios is one of the highest-rated games available on the Play Store.

Gameplay – Challenging stick figure game where you need to control the formations and movement of your army unit. Use mine gold, build units, sword, archer, mage, spear, and giant to destroy and capture all territories.

25. Animal Warfare

An animal adventure game Animal Warfare is among the best offline games for children. PlaySide Studios is the developer of this game and has 5M+ downloads.

Gameplay – Create, Merge, and Power up your team of animals by upgrading it using perks and abilities. Each animal has a unique ability and you have to use them in the battle to move to the next level.

End Note on Best Offline Games

Everyone loves to play a game of their own interest. So, we divided these best offline games for android into 5 Gaming Genre. You can choose a or two genres and find out the best games that are of your interest.

In this list, there are some games that can be played by adults and some can be played by both adults and children. We will add or update this list on a regular basis so that you can play the latest and most trendy games.

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