20 Best Apps for Online Medicine Home Delivery

The entire procedure of purchasing medications has been made simple and practical with the help of online apps for medicine. With only a few taps and the convenience of your couch, you can purchase inexpensive medications online and have them shipped directly to your doorstep.

Today’s digital infrastructure is required for effective pharmaceutical shipping services in order to guarantee that medicines are appropriately delivered. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, contactless medication delivery has been all the more crucial.

Best Online Apps for Medicine Delivery at Home

Here we have brought a list of the 20 Best Online Apps for Medicine Home Delivery to help you get the best of services at the ease of your home.

1. TATA 1mg

1mg is a great online app for medicine delivery

1mg is a great online app for medicine delivery that also gives you access to reliable, relevant healthcare data that has been handpicked, authored, and validated by professionals. Avail affordable medication delivered to your doorstep in more than 1800 Indian cities.

Ayurvedic, homeopathic, and other over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare medicines are accessible for purchase. Users get to communicate confidentially with authorized doctors, and any of their medical specialists. Every medication on Tata 1mg is purchased from reputable, authorized drug stores.

Download: TATA 1mg

2. Apollo Pharmacy 247

Apollo Pharmacy 247 App for medicine

Apollo Pharmacy is a reputable pharmaceutical that is a division of Apollo Hospitals. Over the 20 years, they have developed expertise in managing drugstore services, and they are dedicated to providing the finest quality services.

Apollo Pharmacy is managed by a team of trained and knowledgeable professionals who try their best to meet your needs. It is fully stocked with pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter items, and FMCG products.

Their services are not just confined to online drug delivery, but they also have a massive array of consultation services with doctors from various departments of medicine and at-home lab tests. Customers can schedule online and physical medical appointments, and laboratory testing for diagnosis, and receive hassle-free online med deliveries using the Apollo 24×7 app. All of these services are available at some of the most cheaper rates.

Download: Apollo Pharmacy 247

3. Netmeds

Netmeds is another most-reliable online app for medicine

Netmeds is another most-reliable online app for medicine delivery right from the comfort of your home. They effortlessly provide a broad selection of medications and other healthcare goods available throughout India.

They provide an exceptional buying experience with simple navigation and uncompromised trustworthiness. Simply visit netmeds.com, make your online purchase, and then have your medications shipped.

Netmeds upholds the rigorous quality of moral medication safety and dedication to providing genuine, cost-effective medications and a customer support attitude deserving of the commitment of their esteemed clientele.

Download: Netmeds

4. Practo

Practo is one of the finest Online Apps for Medicine

Practo is one of the finest Online Apps for Medicine related services. For more than a billion people in India, Practo makes high-quality treatment attainable and inexpensive. They are committed to providing their clients with the most precise, thorough, and expertly selected data and assistance so they can make proper medical choices.

They provide a nationwide network of reputable pharmacies delivering medications, and a full health listing of data on doctor partners nationwide that has been validated and is in-depth. Virtual consultations with reputable doctors across 20+ specialties from around 9,000 of the country’s top hospitals using Practo’s Premium services.

Download: Practo

5. MediBuddy


Medibuddy is a leading healthcare technology company in India. They offer expert appointments, healthcare, medications, and other patient care services to over 5 million downloaders.

Their mission is to provide people with access to high-quality medicine.
Users can store all of their patients’ information on their cell phones thanks to the MediBuddy App.

The MediBuddy application now lets you keep track of all your healthcare costs. Furthermore, mobile banking transactions can be made online using the MediBuddy Wallet.
Locate the best local hospitals. Sort the outcomes based on the locations and relevant specializations.

Download: Medibuddy

6. PharmEasy

PharmEasy is arguably one of the best online apps for medicine

PharmEasy is arguably one of the best online apps for medicine delivery with a huge network of retail partners, providing more than one million medications and healthcare supplies in a diverse range of categories. They have almost 25 Million registered users with over 8.8 Million orders placed and satisfied customers all over the nation.

In order to meet customers’ emergency medical requirements, PharmEasy offers on-demand parcel delivery with a wide range of medicines, OTC pharmaceuticals, and other consumer healthcare items, as well as complete clinical diagnostic solutions.

They bring to you updated healthcare content that is trustworthy because their group of healthcare professionals, features licensed and reputable physicians, pharmacists, and publishers, and thoroughly moderates all of the medical-related information.

Download: PharmEasy

7. Truemeds


TrueMeds is an online app for medicine delivery. They exclusively distribute medications from India’s top 50 pharmaceutical companies with the finest quality assurance for their customers.

They promise to lower your drug expenditures by up to 72%. Receiving the right medications is guaranteed because they put every purchase through the strictest of tests.
They are a digital healthcare software that seeks to democratize the procurement of pharmaceuticals in India to lower costs and enhance population health.

TrueMeds offers the greatest value medications to clients with advanced research compatibility, all of this with great discounts!

Download: Truemeds

8. Flipkart Health+

Flipkart Health Plus

Flipkart Health Plus offers one of the best rates and deals, as well as a smooth online purchasing experience. Flipkart Health+, a well-known quality healthcare service, is expected to transform the Indian medical industry.

Their goal is to provide people with satisfaction and health by providing high-caliber medical treatment at reasonable rates. Therefore, if you’re planning to purchase authentic pharmaceuticals online, this is the perfect place.

With the help of Flipkart Health+, residents of more than 20,000 popular pin codes can now acquire prescribed drugs, medical supplies, skincare products, and other well-being necessities and have them delivered to their homes.

Install: Flipkart Health+

9. Yodawy

Yodawy is an online healthcare company

Yodawy is an online healthcare company that creates technology to make it simple and economical for people to acquire prescription drugs. They examine your long-term prescriptions each month to make sure that you receive the meds before your stock is out.

Yodawy employs technology to bring together stakeholders in the medical industry, supervise a huge pharmacy network, enhance difficult logistics operations, and use analytics to prevent wastage.

Download: Yodawy

10. Phable


Ordering medications is simple with this app for medicine delivery called Phable. Over 22,000 pin codes in over 4000 Indian cities are supported. Phable allows you to book all online and in-person medical consultations quickly and efficiently.

Opt from more than 5000 leading experts around India to receive successful therapy for all common and long-term disorders. Purchase health insurance designed specifically for those with chronic diseases to receive adequate benefits for each of the essential medical examinations.

With the Phable app, users can regulate their diabetes because it can organize and keep a record of their nutrition as well as the results from their blood glucose monitor.

Download: Phable

11. MedPlus Mart

MedPlus is a reliable app for online medicine delivery

MedPlus is a reliable app for online medicine delivery, aiming to ensure superior medications in India and abolish fraudulent and inefficient drugs. MedPlus has effectively contributed to the provision of authentic and pure medications, helping to increase honesty in the way the healthcare sector operates.

You can easily access all of your prior invoices and purchases, allowing you to place a new order with just one click. You may save money every day, all the time, with the help of coupons, and offers. Buy medicines from the convenience of your couch using our simple payment process and quick navigation.

One-stop solution for both prescription drugs and regular supplies. You can be confident that you are getting real medications. MedPlus has pharmacy franchises operating in over 300 cities and 1500+ physical locations.

Download: MedPlus Mart

12. Healthmug

Healthmug is one of the biggest online retailers of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medication

Healthmug is one of the biggest online retailers of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medication. They foster a healthy interaction between the vendors and the consumers.

It is an internet storefront where customers can purchase a variety of products, including Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani, and herbal remedies. Since its beginning, Healthmug has developed into a top-tier platform for all things health and wellbeing. 

By creating a forum for Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and Unani remedies, they encourage rural producers and merchants while also enhancing the buyers’ overall well-being. Healthmug is an ever-growing platform of healthcare goods and services that aims to be a one-stop shop for all medical necessities.

Download: Healthmug

13. Medlife


Medlife is an online company that provides pharmaceutical, diagnostic testing, and online consulting services in India. On one platform, Medlife has gathered customers, medical laboratories, physicians, and pharmacists. Medlife was taken over by PharmEasy in May 2021.

Clients of Medlife simply need to use the same contact number to sign into the PharmEasy application to begin utilizing their Medlife membership. There will be access to all digitized prescriptions and stored information for around a year.

Get Medlife products on PharmEasy.

14. Myra Medicines

Myra Medicine is an app for online app for medicine delivery that offers consumers their medications at home. MyraMed allows users to order medications, infant care, feminine health, and dental hygiene supplies.

Consumers can order online by phone or SMS, or submit images of their prescriptions using the app.

Myra Medicines’ Twitter page.

15. BookMEDS

BookMEDS is an online pharmacy that lets users obtain a prescription, over-the-counter medications, surgical supplies, and medical devices through its website. all medicine systems on this platform including the dispensing of medications are carried out by licensed pharmacists and healthcare professionals.

You can find drugs that save lives and are difficult to access. Both internet banking and cash upon delivery are payment options available for customers. They ensure quick delivery of all types of medications in one spot.

16. NowRx – Pharmacy On-Demand

With NowRx, you can have your medications shipped to your residence in a trustworthy and secure manner. NowRx additionally offers alerts to help you remember to take your medicine. To be ready to process a prescription, install the application and create a profile. Users can safely upload handwritten prescriptions using the NowRx app.

Import all current prescriptions quickly and effortlessly, and then they’ll supply them when it’s time for a refill. They privately deliver prescription drugs to you at home so you can receive all of your medications shipped in hidden, unlabeled containers. NowRx manages your private medical data with the utmost levels of safeguarding and privacy.

NowRx – Pharmacy On-Demand app on Google Play Store and App Store.

17. Smartmedics

SmartMedics is a web-based service that enables both patients and doctors to share information and purchase medications. Placing medication orders, scheduling doctor consultations, and communicating about your condition are made easy by SmartMedics.

Moreover, clients are given the option to consult their physicians via voice or video calls. Their team is comprised of specialists in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, bioinformatics, technology, and medical professionals with decades of relevant pharmaceutical knowledge.

SmartMedics Instagram page.

18. HeyCare

HeyCare is a smartphone app for delivering medication, scheduling appointments, and keeping medical records.

The services involve booking consultations with licensed healthcare experts, specialty clinics, and pharmacies; surveillance with reminders for vaccinations; medication stockpiling; and dosage reminders.

HeyCare provides a Care Wallet mobile wallet and a network of pharmacies for ordering medication.

Find HeyCare Pharmacy on Indiamart.

19. BrownPacket

BrownPacket is a firm that assists pharmacies and distributes medical supplies as soon as possible. With BrownPacket, users can quickly get medications and wellness supplies from reputable, certified pharmacies within their area.

At the moment, they are working across Delhi, Patna, and Bengaluru. Their goal is to support community pharmacies as they develop and thrive. They claim to deliver rapid medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to customers within an hour.

BrownPacket Facebook page.

20. WeChemist

WeChemist offers a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and other healthcare commodities that is accessible throughout Delhi NCR. Users can obtain the most latest and authentic medications.

Wechemist guarantees excellent savings on your purchases. You have to select your location and then finalize the purchase. Then they have the medications delivered directly to your residence.

End Note on Online Apps for Medicine

Online pharmacy apps make it easier to maintain excellent health without having to wait in line at the drugstore. Some applications like PharmEasy and Netmeds have been the market leader when it comes to online apps for medicine delivery.

The ability to purchase medications and have them swiftly delivered to their home is another perk that customers appreciate. Providing medical treatment to all individuals at the convenience of their own homes is a lucrative endeavor and a tremendous act of service.

Do let us know which of these 20 Best Online Apps for Medicine Home Delivery are your go-to.

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