23 Best Movie Download Sites To Watch Online

In the days of streaming services and online best OTT platforms, there’s no need to create and curate your own movies and TV show collection. However, exclusively streaming movies is all well and good until you venture outside.

If you’re traveling or you’ve run out of your data plan, you’ll want to download your favorite movies and shows to watch offline. Thankfully, several sites offer this feature, so here are the best free movie download sites that deliver quality content right to your fingertips and work across all major operating systems.

The Importance of Choosing a Safe Movie Download Site

While there are many places on the internet to download movies for free, they’re not all safe. Lots of sites take advantage of people looking for free downloads to hit you with malicious ads, fake virus warnings, or even tampered files.

Because using malicious sites for downloading movies on your system can pose a serious security threat. A person with malicious intentions could modify the download button before you click on it, and then use it as a digital Trojan horse to install and run malware. Thus, you need to ensure personal cyber security.

While good antivirus software will protect you from the worst sites, it’s better to avoid shady free movie download sites altogether and stick to trustworthy resources. Let’s look at some of the best and safest sites for downloading movies and shows.

Best Free Movie Download Sites

The sites listed here offer users a large library of films including the most recent as well as old iconic movies.

So, below is a detailed list of the top free movie downloading sites where you can find the newest releases and download them for free. 

1. PublicDomainMovies


If you are a fan of vintage classics, this is the perfect site for you to delve into to find your all-time favorites. They deliver classic feature films, comedy, drama, romance, science fiction, horror, and cartoons for the young at heart users.

All cinematic masterpieces produced and shown in the US before 1927 are part of the public domain. Watch and download movies like The Rag Man, The Animal Kingdom, Kept Husbands, Women in the Night, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and many more here!

2. AZ Movies

AZ Movies is one of the most trusted websites to watch and download movies for free.

AZ Movies is one of the most trusted websites to watch and download movies for free. They keep users up to date with the latest releases from their favorite premium services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and so much more! Find the latest movies to enjoy; simply explore the selection of recent releases and top picks, and you’re sure to find your next favorite show.

Downloading movies is the best part of this website as they provide you with your selected movies in high definition that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. With AZ Movies, watch your favorite entertainment films on any device and at any time.

3. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

Movies enthusiasts looking for a convenient website to stream and download their favorite movies can stop their search because The Internet Archive brings a whole lot of services to the table. This broad library includes full-length blockbuster movies, classic shorts, and world cultural shows.

It is a non-profit platform made for people who are seeking to watch and download movies for free. You can find hundreds if not thousands of your favorite movies here to download and watch offline.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi is one of the most well-known American sites for downloading movies.

Tubi is one of the most well-known American sites for downloading movies. you can stream movies from across several genres and countries for free, with just watching only fewer advertisements. You can also use the Tubi TV app which is among the best free movie apps.

Just complete access to fantastic films and television shows. There are no monthly charges or card payments required. Enjoy unlimited access to millions of featured films and recognized studios like Univeral Studios, Paramount and so much more!

There is no further payment that they will request once you start watching the movie, they fund themselves by running ads on their website so the users can be free from any worries about charges.

5. YouTube

YouTube for Movies

YouTube has become a platform that provides all sorts of video content to its users. Much like entertaining and educational videos, people can also find a lot of movies on this website.

You can download the movies using these YouTube Video Downloaders to watch in offline mode in any resolution you want. The method to download from YouTube is very simple.

The collection is huge, but not as organized in an orderly manner as all the other platforms that are solely dedicated to uploading movies.

Even if you fail to get your desired movie, at least you can find related clips like specific scenes, or even other YouTubers reviewing it. Overall this app is useful for downloading movies and TV shows, but not guaranteed.

6. Yidio

Yidio has become another popular website where you can download movies for free.

Yidio has become another popular website where you can download movies for free. Users will not be required to register for any type of free film on the website. Fans of Yidio may effortlessly subscribe to regular streaming of trending focusing on their favorite films and television shows.

The website features suggestions focused on your watch preferences such as films and television series to your fave genres and countries. exploring different series and stuff has never been easier. They offer options like free, rental, and subscription to avail the movies according to the user’s choice.

7. Kanopy


Are you looking for a website that gives you free content that feels like you paid for it? Well, Kanopy is the answer! They have the biggest library of cinema including mainstream, independent, and feature films that will make you want more and more.

Their user interface is superior and at par with popular premium streaming services like Netflix. You can click on many of the thumbnails and it shows the description of the movie and its rating out of 5 stars.

This website e is a public library that benefits students as well as professors. You will need your university card to log in and avail yourself of the services of this website for free.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the best and most effective sites for downloading movies.

Popcornflix is one of the best and most effective sites for downloading movies. This is a useful website that has a large collection of movies and TV shows that you might want to download and watch. You can download movies and shows through the best download managers.

Find all the films available for streaming right now on Popcornflix. With the help of the online search query, you can look up and explore different options on the site. Moreover, films are divided into many categories, including fiction, adventure, comedy, tragedy, romance, and more.

Users will encounter a few ads before the streaming and downloading, following which you may enjoy the movie uninterrupted. If you’re not bothered about the ads, you may be the best fit for you.

9. MydownloadTube


MydownloadTube is one of the many useful free movie download sites. You are not required to enter your bank account number or register for a profile. Users will undoubtedly like their most recent films and upgrades.

Utilize My Download Tube to simply download high-definition movies. there are no annoying advertisements when you click on their download links. Enjoy movies from across popular genres like action, thriller, comedy, horror, mystery and so much more.

The greatest movie website MyDownloadTube offers downloads with integrated translated subtitles in various languages, no registration is required to enjoy watching your favorite films.

10. Vudu

Vudu is one of the best online services to watch and download movies for free

Vudu is one of the best online services to watch and download movies for free. Users get access to a plethora of films to enjoy for free with no membership needed, along with several titles from their archives and exclusives to either purchase or rent.

Depending on how you utilize the website, they customize, optimize, and enhance your feed for an overall great user experience. Simple methods for managing your film and television collection and adding actual DVDs to your online library are all possible here with extreme convenience.

They also feature secure family-friendly modes to enhance your movie-watching experience while you sit and enjoy the shows with your whole family and kids. Use the best VPNs to access this website.

11. Plex Tv

Plex Tv is one of the best websites to download movies

Want to experience a freemium service that caters to all your movie-watching needs? Look no further because Plex TV is one of the best websites you can get your hands on to watch and download movies for free.

Watch the best content on your preferred gadgets, like iPhones, Android, Smart TVs, and all others. Plex TV is a site with free movies that are truly free. Without a membership, users can watch all the media available here whenever they want.

Compared to other services, here you can have access to better content, web series, and movies from several nations across the world. You can also use the Plex TV app which is among the best free movie apps.

12. Fawesome

Fawesome is one of the greatest free movie download sites for famous films and TV series. From hilarious rom-com, funny comedy shows, and family-friendly movies to suspenseful murder mysteries, daytime TV, vintage classics, and thrillers, it has something for everyone.

They have a massive library of movies to offer. Indecisive about what movie you want to watch next? Well, Fawesome has got your back. From their huge collection, one can choose the shows they want to binge just by scrolling through their homepage skimming through the titles, and reading the descriptions of the specific movies.

13. Open Culture

Open Culture is one of the best sites for downloading movies.

Open Culture is one of the best sites for downloading movies. They put together superior quality media that has educational and cultural values. They are on a mission to bring all the high-quality content in one place and provide users with the best services.

You can find epic feature movies from Korea, Russia, Canada and so much more! The categories are vast including biographies, romantic dramas, comedies, silent dramas, silent movies, and so on. Whenever you want to watch an educational movie or a documentary this website will be your holy grail.

14. The Moviez Flix

The Moviez Flix is one of the most well-known sites to download movies for free

The Moviez Flix is one of the most well-known sites to download movies for free. Users can get a wide variety of genres to scroll across to get their favorite movies. The films are all available in dual audio, and resolutions range from through 480p to 1080p.

The user interface of this website is very simple to navigate through. Once you enter the website you encounter a drop-down menu with different titles like movies, genre, year, quality, and shows.

Just click on these parameters to filter your search and find your desired movies. Once you find the title of your favorite movie just click on the like provided and download said movie to enjoy it offline.

15. Extra movies

Extra movies is a popular website that provides free streaming for movies.

Extra Movies is a popular website that provides free streaming for movies. Users can find old classics to the latest releases all on this website that is solely dedicated to providing quality content.

You can a huge variety of movies across all genres. Dual audio movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, animated movies and so much more are offered here. You can get movies with all kinds of resolutions from 480p to 1080p. For all kinds of film fanatics, this service is a terrific resource because it offers a huge selection of themes and countries.

16. MoviesFoundOnline


You can find tons of movies on this free website called MoviesFoundOnline. Films are readily available for free spanning from ancient horror films to the latest indie movies. They additionally broadcast animated shows, biographies, action, thriller, comedy, and many TV programs.

This has become a convenient source for users to find the movies they desire to watch and download for free. The media offered here are very well available in high definition for a better viewing experience. Users can use a secure VPN to access this website and access content from all around the world.

17. Flixster


Finding the latest films, reading about Hollywood, and connecting with people who share your interests in cinema can all be done on this US-based website Flixster. The fact that users can access the newest blockbusters to download for free on this video server is its biggest feature.

Anyone can effortlessly enjoy their favorite online films television shows and web series with very few disruptions. There are no registration requirements here to download the newest Premieres.

There is no requirement for visitors to make any compromises with the fantastic high-quality standards this specific platform offers. Anyone may easily choose any genre tailored to their taste.

18. Roku Channel

Roku Channel

Discover an ever-evolving collection of films, TV series kids’ content, and much more with Roku Channel. Utilize the free option on Roku to avail all your favorite movies and shows for free. Their streaming devices provide customers the ability to transform any TV into a fantastic viewing environment quickly and economically.

There are a large number of entertainment alternatives readily available on demand, and none of them need memberships, buying, or renting. Additionally, American citizens can even add subscriptions to a large number of premium services.

19. Hulu

Another amazing website to watch and download movies is Hulu.

Another amazing website to watch and download movies is Hulu. It is a paid service, however, users get a month-long free trial period which can be good if you are looking to eventually buy a streaming service. You can try out the free trial and then decide whether you want it or not.

They feature almost all kinds of movies and TV shows, ranging from action, thriller, and comedy to documentaries and reality TV. Hulu provides lots of variety, from the latest episodes and exclusive programs for children and adults. The great movies they offer will not disappoint you.

20. EMOL Movies

A reliable and secure provider of free, family-friendly, and publically available films for viewing and downloading is EMOL Movies. Users can pick any good film’s title to watch or download on EMOL Movies and easily get access to it.

Users can enjoy almost any movie free on the internet and save it to their laptop or smartphone since it is in mainstream media. This is probably one of the best sites that still allows free film downloads. Find movies from old classics to modern pop culture releases on this website and across exciting genres.

21. GO Download Movies

GO Download Movies

Get the newest films without paying a fee or registration. One may find films of every genre, including comedies, thrillers, dramas, etc. Choose your favorite movie and download it to watch without any undesirable interruptions and buffering.

No wait time, no pop-ups, no advertisements, as well as access to TV shows and feature films. The movies are available in various resolutions like 720p or 1080p. They offer genres like action, comedy, documentary, drama, family, horror, romance, sci-fi, and thriller.

22. MX Player

MX Player is a huge name in the Indian fanbase

MX Player is a huge name in the Indian fanbase that loves to watch and download movies for free. The shows available here are offered in several Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, and many more!

MX Player creates unique and exclusive high-quality content for users to stream and enjoy their faves. They publish mainstream movies and TV shows dubbed in the Indian languages mentioned above.

The user interface of the website is immaculate and provides a superior quality experience. The finest films, Sitcoms, feature films, music videos, and stories can all be found inside this one convenient app.

23. Ullu

Ullu is the best platform for Indian Movies and shows

For users seeking services to stream their fave Indian shows for free and then buy a subscription, Ullu is the best platform for them. It offers a free trial where you can watch your first two videos for completely free and then you can decide if you want to go for their premium services or not.

It encompasses a diverse range of categories, including comedy, tragedy, mystery, romance, action, live shows, horror films, and more. Enjoy reality shows, documentaries, Ullu Originals, and much more in your selected language on demand.

It has a family-safe mode which you can enable to access family-friendly content you want to watch. The homepage features all popular shows available with their posters, and when you click on them you can read the description of each show.

The Bottom Line

Remember that no site can ever be 100 percent safe. A rogue ad may slip through, or the site could get hacked or sold to a malicious company. But in general, the movie download sites we’ve featured here are clean and trustworthy.

Use a bit of common sense and don’t install anything that seems shady. If a site offers a “faster” download manager, ignore it and use the direct download instead. And before you start, make sure you can spot ads disguised as download links.

No matter where you download movies for free, you should always take responsibility to ensure no nasty surprises are lurking in the code. For protection, you can install antivirus software on your devices as well.

If you love to watch movies, this list aims to help you enhance your experience in finding a proper website where you can download your faves easily! Do let us know in the comments which one you’re going to try out first.

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