20 Best Coding Games for Kids to Learn New Concepts

If you’re looking for the best coding games to teach your kid programming entertainingly, then this post is RIGHT for you. Here’s the complete list of the best 20 free coding games for kids.

In recent times, it is one of the most lucrative and sought-after skills companies are looking for. If your kid is also interested in learning to code, you can start with coding games to teach coding in an easy and fun manner. Games have always been the most effective way to learn and enjoy.

Coding doesn’t have to be tedious for your younger ones, rather make sure you taught them the right way without losing their confidence. And voila, games are indeed the best way possible out there.

Moreover, it’s a high-profitable skill for jobs available in the IT industry. Here are the easiest coding languages to learn in no time to get a decent earning job.

But when it comes to coding games for kids, there are numerous doubts such as what are the best games for kids based on their age, are these games safe for kids, whether are free or paid, and so forth.

Luckily we got you covered. 😀

20 Best Coding Games for Kids

The games mentioned in this list are really interesting that your kid will enjoy for sure. All in all, these coding games for kids are a total package where fun kids will learn. 😃

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at all these 20 best free coding games for kids.

1. Scratch

Scratch - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Scratch is developed by MIT and is arguably one of the best coding games and a framework where the kids can build games and apply coding concepts and interactive animation games. It is a fantastic way to introduce programming. Kids’ coding lays a foundation for their future learning of coding concepts.

The drag-and-drop feature of the games helps the kids to visualize the programming concepts. It provides an engaging and interactive interface for kids to learn how to code and learn the language.

Students love creating and designing the games with Scratch games as it allows their imagination to fulfill and build their concepts. Students of any age group can use Scratch as the interface is easy to use, and it introduces kids to the concept of coding using blocks.

2. Code Monkey

Code Monkey - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Code Monkey finds itself on our list, as it is primarily one of the best coding games for kids or anyone interested in coding games. Instead of getting a flood of unfamiliar coding concepts, you start by playing a game in which you solve a variety of challenges by writing code in a text-based editor or on a console.

The goal of the game is to help the monkey cross obstacles, or catch and collect bananas and reach its target. What makes it so simple is the fact that it uses Coffee.

The script is a language that has a similar syntax to English, but is compiled into JavaScript and leads to interactive and fun-loving games for children.

3. Codewars

Codewars - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Codewars is another great coding game for kids with lessons in over 20 different programming or coding languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, SQL, and others.

Code wars have a unique approach to training the kids. They practice ‘kata’ exercises, which make them accelerate towards complete proficiency in their code, and make clear the concept of basic coding in a different language.

Once the kid is well-experienced, they can use the vast library present there to guide or model their concepts. And can also interact with others in the community for any query regarding the game.

4. Kodable

Kodable - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

This is the most interactive coding game for kids that comes with plenty of material and many concepts for kids, an online resource that is used all over the world.

With over 70 different concepts or more than lessons that combine both on-screen and off-screen activities and elements, it’s no wonder that so many parents and teachers use it for their child’s programming education to develop useful skills and enhance their skills.

Kodable breaks down the hard concept of computer science topics and helps build skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, and more, making it one of the best coding games for kids.

5. CodinGame

CodinGame - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

CodinGame is a great fun coding game that is built to solve puzzles and challenges by writing code. Over 20 languages are supported in this game like Rust, Go, JavaScript, and many more.

Each game has a very different approach or the puzzle has a different theme such as shooting down planes from a turret that approaches too close.

It has both single-player and multiplayer options and takes part in leaderboards to get very deep into the competition and to know the rank.

6. Tynker 

Tynker - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Tynker is a brilliant app for kids to get their hands on programming concepts with an exciting learning mechanism. It possesses a vast array of options for kids or students from coding, mod Minecraft build games and apps.

It starts with the children solving problems with visual block-based coding and then elevates the level they learn to code using JavaScript and Python concepts. The kids follow a learning path wherein they are introduced to coding and programming concepts slowly and increase their skills to move ahead.

The app is available on iOS and Android for free along with the paid version. The app provides a wholesome learning experience for the kids to learn the coding concept.

7. Codemoji

CodeMoji - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Codemoji is one of the best coding games for kids with a curriculum designed for elementary school students. What sets it apart from other coding games for kids is its unique approach this quality attracts the children.

Namely, it teaches kids basic programming skills using emojis and special symbols, which represent the primary language for communication among today’s youth and make for interaction.

In Codemoji, every element of syntax has a corresponding emoji, which makes it much easier for younger learners to comprehend and learn to grasp more. Instead of focusing on syntax or proficient typing, kids redirect their attention to creating and learning the language, which is essential for codings like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

8. Code.Org

Code.org - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Code.org is a non-profit organization, that aims to introduce kids all around the world concept of computer programming.

On their website, you will find a wide range of game-based coding lessons that are segmented per students’ grade and age and are so much fun to learn. Whether a child has previous coding experience or not – it doesn’t matter what they will develop while playing.

Code.org offers a series of several courses, after which kids gain relevant skills to create their games and apps as per the guidelines of the courses.

9. Code Hunt

Code hunt - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Code hunt is a game that can be played in either C# or Java. The game is designed to teach you the basics of whichever language you choose as per your requirements.

Here you start with training, move through the next steps like loops and strings, and finally end with intermediate challenges like Cyphers and Puzzles and many more concepts related to programming.

In this game, you have to figure out how to win each level and how to apply the coding.

10. Lightbot

Lightbot - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

This is a great coding game for kids of all ages because they can solve puzzles through programming, learning vital skills like sequencing, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, conditionals, and more, which gives them basic information about coding.

As you guide the robot to help him light all the blue tiles, kids are subconsciously introduced to coding basics by giving guidance. The commands are fairly simple, but throughout the game, kids will encounter some of the computer programming terminologies, like loops and conditionals.

This is why there are already over 20 million kids across the world playing and learning the basics of coding.

11. Code Karts

Code Karts - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

For kids, this coding game is an incredibly useful resource to learn things. This is the one great free game to look into for coding games and many more.

Users will navigate 70 levels or more of the challenge puzzles on a racetrack in-game. The goal is to directional bricks to give the Direction in a way that will help the car make it to the finish line.

This coding game app is designed to introduce computer programming and coding topics to young children to increase their skills, making it optimal for elementary audiences.

12. Codemancer

Codemancer - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Codemancer is another one of the best educational coding games for kids that magically teaches many concepts regarding programming to a kid.

Students will learn programming concepts through a fantasy world where a girl is trying to grow up and be independent despite various obstacles.

The game becomes more difficult after some stages to introduce programming concepts like variables, conditionals, functions, and other concepts.

13. CodeCombat

Code Combat - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

CodeCombat is a video game founded in 2013 for learning software programming and coding concepts and languages. This game is usually for students ages 9 or more.

Students learn different types of coding and programming languages like JavaScript, Python, HTML, and Coffee Script, as well as learn the fundamentals of coding concepts of computer science. The first unit is free for all students and teachers for learning.

It works directly with schools as well as offers learners a monthly paid subscription to the game that gives access to additional game content to the game. Through the game’s levels, players must prove their knowledge by writing code and developing the knowledge.

14. Algorithm City

Algorithm City - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Algorithm City is a 3D model-based game where the students choose an animal as the character. It teaches coding to students in a very playful joyful entertaining way. The concept of the game is to make the character collect gold while solving problems and mistakes.

Students learn coding concepts such as function, loops, sequencing, and other basic and advanced concepts of programming. It is available for free on the Android platform or online platform.

Learning with these apps surely makes coding an engaging and best experience for students of all ages. And also encourages them to grasp the concept of coding at an earlier age and make their imagination power high.

15. CheckiO

CheckIO - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

CheckiO is one of the most popular fun coding games for kids to learn programming languages. The game is so old and has fun games and interactive to teach programming simply to students.

It can be great for kids who want to learn to program. To use the game, you need to log in to the website or serve and use codes to attack or ward off your enemies in the game and play accordingly.

16. Robocode

Robocode - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Robocode is a very unique programming game for kids where kids have to code for the robot tans which are sent for the fight engaged in a battle to fight with each other. The user has to code the AI that drives your robots and make it for fights using languages such as Java, C#, and Scala.

In Robocode, your task includes creating a virtual or imaginary tank in either Java or another language which more preferably, you will send to fight the other user-generated robots and this attracts the user and is a very interesting concept.

17. Robozzle

Robozzle - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Robozzle is a puzzle game. This game uses a very interesting way and unique way to introduce programming ideas to the kids.

It helps in teaching the kids the art of programming logic and concepts properly through a series of exciting and challenging community-created puzzles.

There are many tutorials available that help your kids in creating their games and through which they can build their concepts.

18. Bee-Bot

Bee-bot -  Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Bee-Bot helps a kid in learning programming language through instructions and the guidelines given by the game.

It is a very children-friendly game and is beneficial in teaching the kids controlling direction, and other programming skills, which are necessary to build the games.

It is also helpful in enhancing kids’ Literacy, Science & Numeracy through a multitude of activities, which helps to boost knowledge of all concepts.

19. Ruby Warrior

Ruby Warrior - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

This game is designed to teach the Ruby language and coding concepts in a fun, interactive way. The user should play as a warrior in the game climbing a tower to reach the precious Ruby at the top level.

On each floor, the player needs to write a Ruby code to instruct or guide the battle with enemies, rescue captives, and reach the stairs. The game is a little advanced, and it is designed to make the kids more indulged in coding with the Ruby game.

The game provides the player with information about the mistake in the game if the player cannot complete the task, making it a feedback-oriented framework for kids to learn to code. It is a brilliant coding game for kids to learn advanced programming concepts and coding.

20. Stencyl

Stencyl - Best 20 Free Coding Games for Kids

Stencyl is another superb coding game for kids that allows kids to design games according to them.

It resembles Blockly and  Scratch – using a drop-down technique, you order the blocks of code to create game characters from which you can develop a lot more knowledge for coding and give you so many creative skills to learn to code.

You can also write a block of code yourself with some innovative ideas and can share them with other Stencyl players and they can also have innovative ideas and give suggestions to you.

Final Thoughts of Best Programming Games for Kids

In short, we conclude that all these coding games for kids are a very fruitful source of learning for kids or anyone who wants to learn coding from scratch. Children of all age groups can handle the user interface of the game easily and in the future can make their careers in coding and cybersecurity.

Besides, the kids can learn coding in a very fun way so that they will grasp the knowledge better. From an earlier age, they can strengthen their concepts about how technical things work. The best part is anytime they can learn and many apps are free makes it a cherry on the cake.

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