Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Review – Recover lost data

In today’s time, when technology is so advanced, data loss is still a common issue faced by users. May it be any device, virus attacks, corrupt files, update failure, and so on are the issue where you lost your data.

The solution to this problem is having software that can recover lost data. When it comes to recovering data from iPhones and iPad you required Mac to make it possible. But this issue is now no longer an issue as Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery will do it for you.

Joyoshare is the savior as there are “n” numbers of factors that make it difficult to recover lost data from iDevices due to security and safety standards by Apple.


Joyoshare is a complete package where you will get a complete solution to recover lost data. Let’s dive into each feature in detail.

1. Recover lost data from various scenarios. There are a number of scenarios in which your data is missed out. With Joyoshare lost data can be recovered from damaged devices, locked devices, system crash, attack by a virus, accidental deletion, or even update failure. Even in case, you lost your device, then also you can recover data by retrieving it from iTunes backup and Cloud.

2. More than 20 files format to recover. You can recover Notes, Calendars, Bookmarks, Call logs, Contacts, Photos & Videos, WhatsApp Chat including media, documents, and much more while recovering data from this tool.

3. Different Recovery Modes.  Joyoshare 3 different recovery modes which include:

  1. Recovering directly from the device by connecting a device to the system through a USB cable.
  2. You can access iCloud to recover lost data from a cloud drive.
  3. iTunes backup is another way you can recover lost or stolen data.

4. Support all iOS versions and devices. This software is designed in such a way that even the oldest iPhone 4 is accessible. That means you can recover lost data from any of the iOS devices.

5. Other features include:

  1. Flexible Recovery – Choose what you want to recover.
  2. 100% Safe Recovery – Recover everything without any loss.
  3. Fast Recovery Rate – You can recover complete data in minutes.
  4. Future Upgrade – Free upgrade for a lifetime after purchase.

In the below video, you will see a live demo of this software that will go step-by-step to make it clear to you how you can use this. Have a look at this video.

How does this software work to recover data?

Download and install this software from the Joyoshare official website.

Step 1: Once the installation is done, connect your iPhone to your system and open the software. After this, the software will detect the device and show you deleted and existing files in an organized way. Select files and click on the Scan button. The software will start scanning your phone and it will take time to do so.

Step 2: Now you can all data displayed under categories. Search with relevant keywords or select all to recover complete data. The best feature that I find in this software is that you can preview it before you restore it in your system.

Step 3: Once all data that you need to recover is selected, click to select the output folder and then click on the recover button.

Recovery will start and it will take some time to get recovered. But you need to have a paid license to get your lost data recovered.


Here you got 3 types of pricing plan suitable for every type of user. All the plans are for a lifetime with a future upgrade.

  • Single License for the price of $49.95 which is for 1 Device.
  • Family License for which you need to pay $69.95 which is for 2 to 5 devices.
  • Multi-User License for the price ranges from $79.95 to $359.95 for up to 10 devices to unlimited devices respectively.

The payment gateway is safe and clear and supports almost all cards including PayPal. You will also get 60 days money-back guarantee so that you can ask for return in case this tool is not up to the mark.

The Verdict

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery software which I tested till now. The best thing that this software offers is that you can recover complete data even in a worse situation. The 3 layers of recovery i.e. USB connection, iTunes, and iCloud make it possible to recover data in what so situation it is.

I didn’t find any glitches, or lag while using this software. Everything seems to be fast and satisfying.

One thing that I noticed is the scanning time which is long. But I will ignore this because Joyoshare assures 100% data recovery that’s what everyone wants in such a situation.

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