Do Your Data Review: Permanently Delete Windows 11 File

Security of your Personal Devices is a must nowadays. Data theft is a common issue and deleting data from recycle bin and formatting your laptop is not just enough. Data can be easily recovered from the old computer, even after you completely reset your device. It just required Data Recovery software.

In case, if your laptop doesn’t have any data that may affect your privacy, then you need not worry. But, I recommend you to use any File Shredder software to permanently delete everything before you sell, donate, or destroy any of Windows devices.

So, what is File Shredder software?

This is software that completely deletes your data by overwriting them. These tools use data sanitization methods that ensure no data recovery software can recover any file.

I am talking about “Super Eraser 6.7” by Do Your Data. This is the best software that permanently erases data on Windows 11.

Do Your Data Review

Super Eraser by Do Your Data Review | TechApprise

I liked some great features that come up with this software. And, in this do your data review, I will take you to each feature one by one. All the features are on point that a data eraser must-have.

1. 5 Data Erasure Standards

If you know about technical terms, Super Eraser offers these 5 Data Standards i.e. HMG Infosec Standard 5 (1 pass), Peter Gutmann’s algorithm 2 (2 passes), U.S. Army AR380-19 (3 passes), DoD 5220.22-M ECE (7 passes), and Peter Gutmann’s algorithm 35 (35 passes).

For a better understanding of novice users, no one can recover data by any of the data recovery methods.

2. Wipe Unsued Free Space

There is some space in your system that is not recoverable even you deleted complete data from your system. This tool will help you to free up that space. I found this as a common issue and this tool is a perfect solution.

3. Wipe Hard Disc

Super Eraser by Do Your Data Review

Once you delete everything from a Hard Disc, there are some traces left. These traces can recover complete deleted data. This tool is best in overwriting data with arbitrary data.

4. Erase Files & Folders

HMG Infosec Standard 5 is used to delete files and folders. Just like normal delete, select the files/folders and delete them with Super Eraser. This will permanently delete files/folders.

Now with this, it is very clear that you can use this tool on daily basis for your routine work.

How to permanetly erase Windows 11 data?

Using Super Eraser is an easy task. If you don’t look into technicalities, novice users can easily use this tool. Considering a brief introduction, let’s see the functionality of this product.

Before I start, you need to download and install this tool on your Windows PC. As this is not a free tool (except limited trial version), you have to 1st buy this product. I will share the price after this.

Super Eraser by Do Your Data Review

Now, Run Super Eraser and you can see 1st home interface. On the left side, you will find the “Data Erasure” options. Choose the option that is currently required by you.

I am taking an example of “Wipe Hard Drive”. When you will click on it, you will see different hard drive portions. You can choose a single partition or can select all partitions. On right down area, you can see a button “Wipe Now”. Click on that button to start permanent cleaning. You can also format crashed hard drive.

I hope you find it super easy. Let’s move to the pricing part.


  1. 1-Year Licence for 2 PCs for USD 9.50
  2. Lifetime Licence for 2 PCs for USD 19.50
  3. Business Plan for 100 PCs for USD 79.50

Other than this, you can buy a bundle. DoYourData Super Eraser and DoYourClone is available for 2 PCs for the price of USD 25.60

Also, prices are depended on ongoing offers. You can find an increase/decrease in price in the future.

Final Words on DoYourData Super Eraser

I used Paid Version of this tool and found everything that I said in this review on-point. The software is working fine without any glitch and legging.

Data Erasing is working perfectly as I tried recovering data from a data recovery software but didn’t get anything.

Final, I recommend this app for your Data Erasing needs.

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