Boom for Mobile Review: Enhance Music Experience

Boom for mobile is a premium audio and music enhancement music player available for all Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. I had written a separate review for the Windows and Mac versions of Boom. You can read the complete desktop review here.

In this review, I am sharing complete details about the Mobile Version of Boom.

First of all, Boom is a product of Global Delight which is an audio, video, and photography software development company located in India. Established in 2008, Global Delight has over 30 Million Users Globally.

Boom for Mobile Review

Boom 3D for And

Available for iOS and Android, Boom is a premium audio enhancement tool that provides you a rich experience. Whether you are listing to music or podcast, or watching movies or videos, this tool is going to do every enhancement that you need.

Although the output of sound is directly related to the headphones or speakers that you are using, this tool will also solve this issue by boosting sound without losing quality.

Let’s see what all Boom for Mobile offers.


1. 3D Surround Sound

Whether you are listing to music on Headphones or speakers, this feature enables a 3D experience by controlling speakers. You can turn on and turn off any speakers that you want so that you can get a better surround experience.

Just like any theatre, this feature provides a theatre-like sound that improves any video, gaming, and movie experience.

2. Presets Equalizer

Boom comes up with 27 presets that help in adjusting sound which enhances the listing experience. You can choose presets that best suit you and the type of audio or music you are listening to. Presets include Pop, Electronic, Jazz, Loud, Dubstep, Bass Boost, and much more.

Other than available presets, you can customize any presets and create your own for a better experience. Also, you will get 8 Band and 16 Band Equalizer settings.

3. Audio Intensity Slider

This feature allows you to manage the Bass and Treble of every audio file. Adjust it up or down according to your optimum need.

I love this feature as I love listening to loud music and adjusting up Bass and Treble without any distortion is best in this app.

4. Spotify and Tidal Streaming

This app allows you to stream the 2 most popular music streaming apps Spotify and Tidal. That means you have access to amplify all music that is available on Spotify and Tidal on Boom. What can be better than this?

Thus, whatever the mood, this app makes everything available to you anytime and anywhere, just at your fingertips.

5. Inbuilt Radio and Podcasts

With 40,000 local and international Radio and Podcast stations available, this app is one of the best Music Streaming Available. Not just that, music-enhancing features enable every radio station and podcast station to a BOOM of music.

6. Hi-Res Audio Support

It is now easy to play High-Resolution Audio Files in 3D. AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and DSF are the available formats for Hi-Res audio.

These features are enough and have everything that an audio-enhancing app must have. Let’s see the pricing part.

Boom 3D For Mobile | TechApprise


Boom is available to download for free with limited features only. A 7-day free trial is available where you can test and try this app. Once that 7-day period gets to end, I am sure you are going to buy this.

They regularly run offers, so you will get this at a discounted price.

Payment will be done through Google Play Store and after completion of the trial, the amount will be auto-debited.

Final Verdict

Boom is a must-have tool and if you are a music lover then I am sure this app is worth it for you.

Talking about User Experience, I found this app working absolutely fine on both Android and iOS. Everything is very clear and perfectly placed. If you are a novice user, you will not find any issue in accessibility.

I tested every single feature and found everything on-point as mentioned on the Product Portfolio page.

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