22 Best Ethical Hacking Tools For Security Researchers

A permitted endeavor to acquire access to a computer system, software, or information defines ethical hacking. A software professional with the skills to identify and take advantage of a particular computer’s weaknesses is called an ethical hacker. Additionally, they are well-versed in networking, making it simple to break into a device and investigate its contents.

The range of sophisticated challenges increased as a result of technological innovation. Ethical hacking is the best option to avoid such complications. Ethical hacking knowledge unquestionably aids in preventing threats from unidentified sources.

Ethical hacking tools are used to safeguard sensitive data among professionals and organizations. Intelligence analysts employ cyberweapons like spyware, data, and port analyzers, to eavesdrop on internet activity, break login details, find empty interfaces on machines, etc.

Businesses have begun employing security experts because the necessity for ethical hacking has grown so evident and critical. In the past several years, networking systems have experienced enormous growth. It is originally only employed to observe the connections.

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Best Ethical Hacking Tools

We have brought this extensive list of best-in-class ethical hacking tools to help you secure your network connection, and safeguard your smart devices from any malware or data breaches.

1. Burp Suite

Burp Suite - Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Burp Suite is a security testing tool for websites. Burp Scanner identifies the problems you should solve. Thanks to PortSwigger’s world-class expertise, Burp Scanner’s clients can automatically uncover a variety of flaws in web-based applications. Businesses prefer the Burp Scanner, which is an essential component of their professional services.

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Burp Scanner can reveal a significant list of bugs present in web apps and receive updated information. Scanning tests may then be chosen or performed alone in groups, and personalized configurations could be retained. They have top-notch cybersecurity team members.


  • interactive web security analyzer with corporate support.
  • Scan scheduling and repeating
  • API security testing and JavaScript scanning

The pricing is $8,395 per year, $17,380 per year, and $35,350 per year.

2. Netsparker (Bugscrowd)

Netsparker - Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Netsparker is a completely customizable network security assessment tool. With the help of this information, cybersecurity groups may analyze webpages, web programs, and online services for data breaches. Organizations can verify that the discovered website risk is legitimate and quickly observe how it affects their business.

There is no longer an obligation to waste so much time performing manual security tests to confirm reports with Netsparker. It can run diagnostic tests on Microsoft Windows, Apache, and Nginx. Netsparker can locate and catalog the innovations used in job portals, identify those that are outdated, and then monitor the progress of improvements.

By carefully picking the appropriate reputable software developers and integrating experts into your protocols to discover missing threats, you can remove any malicious potential.


  • active risk identification with pay-for-performance
  • Resource identification and risk assessment
  • substantial security expertise

3. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is computer software for examining and breaking into WiFi connections. Information exporting to webpages and tracking via data retrieval, capturing packets, and exporting information to Word documents for analysis by external applications Wi-Fi security has become increasingly crucial as more people utilize WiFi devices. 

A selection of control programs that examine and assess Wi-Fi cybersecurity are available from Aircrack-Ng for cybersecurity professionals. Windows, OS X, Linux, eComStation, 2Free BSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris are all supported by the software.

Hacking, analyzing, verifying, and breaking are all things that Aircrack-Ng is committed to accomplishing. It enables us to crack WEP and WPA keys, attack network connections and consumers, and generate and analyze datagrams. They offer a collection of unified ethical hacking tools intended to make customers’ work simpler, quicker, and more productive.


  • develops injection-ready encrypted information.
  • blending and converting software.
  • enables other devices to connect to the wifi adapter.

The pricing is $65 per user.

4. Nmap

Nmap is a free and accessible tool for performing network exploration and vulnerability assessments. Handling services upgrading plans, connectivity management, and hosting or levels of responsiveness tracking are a few more things that several computers and connection managers find helpful.

Nmap does not come with a guarantee, but it is widely maintained by a thriving consumer and hacking community. Almost all of this communication takes place mostly on Nmap email newsletters. covers a wide variety of cutting-edge methods for navigating systems using IP filtration, gateways, routers, as well as other barriers.

Nmap’s upkeep and updates had allowed it to retain its dominance. In addition to Windows, Mac, and Linux-specific releases, Nmap also facilitates lesser or more iconic operating systems including Solaris, AIX, and AmigaOS.


  • With the assistance of the software, it finds every application that is active on the hosts.
  • It finds any holes or shortcomings in information systems.
  • It is able to look for servers that are linked to its system.

5. Nessus

Nessus - Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Nessus was created from the bottom up with nothing but a thorough knowledge of the way security experts function. Nessus makes risk evaluation simple, straightforward, and transparent. Nessus has earned the confidence of cybersecurity experts worldwide.

Thanks to user input, Nessus has improved its sophisticated technology to develop into the most precise and complete insecurity analysis tool available. Nessus can be installed on a number of systems, like Raspberry Pi.

Nessus is platform-independent, so it doesn’t matter where you are or where you ought to go. Nessus offers the most comprehensive and in-depth security insurance. The price range of Nessus varies from $4990 per year.


  • application security
  • risk targeting and underlying system transparency to prevent future attacks.
  • six-sigma accuracy

6. Wireshark

Wireshark - Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Wireshark is a well-known ethical hacking tool. Wireshark is frequently used by software engineers to retrace networks, examine information on suspicious blockchain technologies, and spot spikes in internet traffic. Government organizations, schools and universities, enterprises, small firms, and organizations all use the secure tool Wireshark to analyze technical difficulties.

Wireshark is often used to discover new things. With the help of this application, users can examine their internet usage in detail, classify it, and dive deep to find the source of any issues. This software also assists with internet analysis and, eventually, cybersecurity. With the use of filtering, Wireshark is able to slice and dice all of these arbitrary real-time data sets, and you can only view the information you want with the same tool.


  • new tests are regularly introduced.
  •  fast display filters.
  • operate on several platforms, including Windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, and NetBSD.

7. John the Ripper

A freeware tool for breaking passwords is called John the Ripper. John the Ripper, an open-source password protection monitoring and data recovery plan, is accessible for several operating systems. John has a brute-force mode as well. You have the option of downloading the “core” or “jumbo” versions.

The jumbo edition can be utilized to break a wider variety of password formats and comes with a few more command-line parameters. John’s ability to automatically identify the encrypted communications for popular formats is a noteworthy feature. This will help you spend less time looking into hash patterns and determining the best tools to break them.


  • utilizes the password hash
  • possibilities to take advantage of its technology to accelerate the deciphering of complicated hashes
  • for individuals accustomed to working with the command line

Using John the Ripper is totally free.

8. Metasploit

Metasploit - Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Metasploit is an operational cybersecurity group’s vulnerability scanning program. The Platform is a sophisticated tool used by ethical hackers to investigate systemic security flaws in computers and network systems. Identify the weaknesses that will have the greatest effect and concentrate on them, then fix them.

Most testing steps may be easily automated using Metasploit, from picking the best vulnerabilities to speeding up the investigative process and publishing. Metasploit offers substantial personalization in contrast to numerous other malware analysis applications.

Their vulnerability scanning tool provides complex assaults to check potential client flaws, such as quickly replicating webpages for sending spam and concealing dangerous data for USB-dropping operations.

With the help of their vulnerability software program, you can keep records of credentials obtained for reports and check credentials. The fact that Metasploit is free software and is constantly being improved is one of the main arguments for using it. 


  • Exploit modules
  • No Operation (NOPS) generator
  • Datastore
  • Armitage tool offered

9. Invicti

Invicti - Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Invicti is another one of the best ethical hacking tools that provide adequate remedial assistance for addressing vulnerabilities. The analysis and recognition by Invicti are thorough and provide information on the flaws’ specific locations and even how to fix them. This online application can identify individual SQL injections, XSS, and other weaknesses in internet tools and applications. It often comes with a unified platform.

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Invicti finds vulnerabilities rapidly through screening which doesn’t compromise performance or precision. By making your engineers incorporate Invicti into the software and procedures they regularly employ, you can instill cybersecurity throughout your work environment.


  • Examine each aspect of each software.
  • identifies greater bugs while producing fewer false alarms
  • use Proof-Based Scanner 

The cost of this ethical hacking tool largely depends on your requirements. Merely enter your last and first name, with company email and telephone number to get information about products and the marketplace.

10. Kismet

Kismet is one of the well-known best ethical hacking tools

Kismet is one of the well-known best ethical hacking tools employed by developers to protect data and scan for potential threats. Kismet also includes the detection of a variety of wireless threats as well as IDS capabilities such as electronic communications sniffer software such as NetStumbler.

Along with detecting default or “not configured” connectivity, Kismet can also recognize probing queries and find out whatever degree of wireless security is employed by a certain entry point. By the amount of data you intend to collect, Kismet could well be operated on a broad combination of devices, from really tiny to massive systems.

All capturing types may be remotely captured using WebSockets or TCP connections. Place sensors throughout a structure, then gather all of the information there.


  • free
  • supports Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • unified log file

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11. SQLMap

QLMap is free software for fault detection and exploitation

SQLMap is free software for fault detection and exploitation that simplifies the procedure of obtaining control of computer systems. It has a strong identification algorithm, several specialized capabilities for the ideal legitimate user, and a wide variety of options ranging from databases to fingerprints.

Automatic detection of cryptographic hash forms and assistance with dictionary-based attacks to break them. Sixteen SQL injection methods are fully supported by SQLMap. SQLMap simplifies the discovery and exploitation of SQL injection weaknesses and the seizure of application servers. It allows you to establish a direct connection with particular datasets. 


  • run any command and get the standard result of it.
  • Access and publish any file.
  • uses dictionary-based attacks.

12. Acunetix

Acunetix is a full-featured vulnerability management HACKING TOOL

Acunetix is a full-featured vulnerability management and another one of the best ethical hacking tools. It can be applied both independently and in conjunction with other intricate settings. It provides several choices for connection with industry-leading programming interfaces, as well as constructed risk evaluation and management.

Because of its effectiveness, Acunetix is among the top DAST tools for this use. You may link to additional security measures and applications created by outside or internal developers using Acunetix’s proprietary API.

Utilizing numerous regionally distributed scan motors will boost screening performance. For business clients, professional Acunetix professionals will assist you in integrating the product in unusual contexts. It is a fully advanced, unique application built by professionals in online security assessment.


  • persistent to spot weaknesses as they emerge
  • immediately fixes issues
  • find and fix expired SSL

13. WebInspect

WebInspect is an autonomous various quality control tool

WebInspect is an autonomous various quality control tool that offers thorough risk assessment. Excellent protection that is swift and smooth. By enhancing the safety of your distribution network, users can feel secure about everything that enters through into apps they utilize.

To improve your information security, be aware of the choices and constraints presented by AI technology, algorithms, and intelligent systems. proper information enhancement and massive data linkage for a multitude of sources that are developing quickly collecting data and refinement in real-time mode. streamlined target, connection, and file transfer. Effective analysis, visualization, and monitoring integrated archiving, quick huge searching, and accelerated risk assessment make regulation simple.

In apps and statistics, consistently ensure protection. categorize and analyze data to assist strategy choices. A method used for data analysis leverages AI to instantly evaluate the risks. Use industry-leading information security techniques to ensure security adherence and information manageability while protecting all critical information.


  • automated tasks, such as user privacy and maintenance.
  • proper security.
  • Excellent protection that is swift and smooth.

14. Medusa

Medusa is one of the great ethical hacking tools

Medusa is one of the great ethical hacking tools that are both strong and portable and remotely executes codes to extract passwords on multiple devices. It uses brute force to access these passwords. Medusa incorporates adaptable input data that can be set in a variety of ways. It covers a wide variety of online digital certificates. It has the ability to fix many bugs. For several OS devices, it adds adequate assistance.

Moreover, Medusa facilitates parallel strikes. You can provide the usernames list in addition to the credential lists if you want to hack the passwords of several email accounts at once. In order to conduct a brute force attack on any protocol, the Medusa vulnerability scanner software is a very effective tool that is also extremely simple to use.


  • Each of the different service modules has its own. mod file.
  • password verification
  • Hacking a password for a given username.
  • to hack login information.

15. OpenVAS

OpenVAS is a robust ethical hacking tool

OpenVAS is a robust ethical hacking tool. Its features include both careful investigation and authorized analysis, a variety of high and low-level industry and web interfaces, efficiency adjustment for huge scanning, and a potent intrinsic computer program to construct any kind of susceptibility assessment.

Their endpoint protection technologies locate flaws in the company IT network, evaluate the danger they pose, and suggest specific remedial steps. By taking specific preventative precautions, you can avoid threats. Due to this, their solutions serve as a crucial and ideal supplement to proactive data encryption like firewalls. Every day, you’ll get an update on cybersecurity.

You can set goals by using the security check’s data on the issue’s seriousness. To help software engineers, the OpenVAS standard framework intends to be thoroughly defined. It is designed for extensive inspections. Several high- and low-level Websites and corporate services are supported by OpenVAS, which also features an effective internal computer language.


  • Free Software Solutions you can rely on.
  • Notifications for vulnerabilities when a scheduled report is changed.
  • Any device connected to the Internet should be checked for data breaches.

16. Nikto

Nikto is open-source software that provides internet security to ethical hackers. It is a freeware control security. Nikto is an internet analyzer that examines and evaluates a variety of internet sites to find outdated technology, potentially harmful CGIs or data, as well as other vulnerabilities.

The datasets used by Nikto to run the application aren’t open-source, but the Nikto algorithm is. Additionally, there are certain tests for unidentified things that were not detected during scans of log data.


  • examines the occurrence of many files and HTTP server
  • updates of modules and scanned elements are regular
  • detects malicious software and data
  • open-source software

17. Intruder

Intruder is haacking tool that scans for internet data breaches

Intruder is software that scans the internet platform for internet data breaches in order to ensure minimal data leaks. They continuously monitor your cybersecurity so that customers aren’t required to. They continuously monitor your cybersecurity so that customers aren’t required to.

Users don’t have to explicitly monitor their devices because Intruder checks them in advance and promptly notifies customers whenever security flaws are found. Intruder makes the best data protection available to all by utilizing cutting-edge expertise.


  • Easy tracking and accountability
  • Assessing the attack vectors
  • managing Vanguard vulnerabilities

Pricing of this ethical hacking software varies according to the number of targets you have to scan. Simply fill in the number and get accurate price details.

18. Maltego

Maltego is a perfect instrument for visual network investigations

Maltego is a perfect instrument for visual network investigations that gives significant data analysis and relevant data collectionMaltego’s goal is to use methods to support researchers all over the globe to become more efficient and productive by letting them concentrate on particular key attributes.

Maltego gives detectives all around the planet the opportunity to expedite and improve the accuracy of their examinations utilizing simple data incorporation in one unified platform, backed by potent visualization and teamwork tools to swiftly hone in on pertinent details. Maltego is utilized by a wide spectrum of people, from cybersecurity experts and pen system analysts to criminal science, reporters, and industry experts, because of its vast range of potential applications that emerge from information systems to fraudulent activity.

They aim to develop and advance the most user-friendly investigation instrument, they want to assemble a broad team of individuals. Maltego’s data gathering and technical abilities enable your staff to handle a huge variety of situations more quickly and accurately.


  • Browse all of your information quickly and privately from a unified platform.
  • Use the Maltego Transform Hub to access more than 58 data from multiple sources.
  • The graph can be annotated and exported for subsequent usage.

The software is free for personal purposes and additional usage bills are custom-made.

19. Ettercap

A complete package for navigating assaults is Ettercap

A complete package for navigating assaults is Ettercap. It includes a live network sniffer, real-time information screening, and many more intriguing techniques. It provides various tools for specific network investigation and allows both passive and active deconstruction of a wide range of modalities.

It could be used for auditing processes and computer network data aggregation. Ettercap is a free program that works well for developing unique plug-ins. Ettercap is a very user-friendly graphical interface. Even though the outcomes might occasionally differ, Ettercap is a great tool for beginners to learn about internet threats like ARP spoofs.

It can capture credentials, actively spy on several common systems, and monitor data on a virtual network. Ettercap is a tool with a resource for examining data activity going through a digital system.


  • sniffer for live links.
  • provides easy access to a lot of the commands required to operate.
  • enables DNS spoofing as well.
  • a well-known and popular vulnerability-scanning software

Accessible for Windows, Unix, Linux, macOS, and Android, this program is completely free to be using.

20. Cain & Abel

The major objective of Cain and Abel is the streamlined retrieval of passwords and identities from different databases. Cain & Abel addresses several privacy aspects and weaknesses found in the system’s rules, identification methods, and caching techniques. It is a password recovery application for Microsoft Windows.

It enables the simple retrieval of various kinds of security credentials and captures VoIP calls. Cain and Abel were developed for use by teachers, cybersecurity, and professionals, expert vulnerability scanners, and anybody else who intends to employ it ethically.


  • applicable for Detecting networks
  • free, open-source
  • designed for recovering Windows passwords

21. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is an open-source, cross-platform web analyzer.

Angry IP Scanner is created to be quick and easy to utilize. It is an open-source, cross-platform web analyzer. It is used frequently by network operators and merely interested people, including big and small businesses, institutions, and governmental organizations.

It also contains extra capabilities, including customized openers, favored IP address ranges, secure web identification, NetBIOS data, and more. Angry IP Scanner is quick and user-friendly ethical hacking software. Although the Angry IP Scanner was designed for ethical and safe usage. This analyzer works with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The application works by simply pinging each IP address to check if it’s alive, then optionally resolving its hostname, determining the MAC address, and scanning ports.


  • identification of web server.
  • quick and straightforward to use
  • enables IP address scanning

22. Rainbow Crack

RainbowCrack is an established ethical hacking software. This computer software, RainbowCrack, creates rainbow databases for use in cracking passwords. A colorful table of customized character sets is available. Hashes are cracked by RainbowCrack using a period trade-off technique. 

The website has a very simple user interface and is not as graphically advanced as other software mentioned in the list above. It supports operating systems such as Windows 7, 10, and Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04.


  • accelerated multi-GPU computing
  • decent graphical user interface
  • creation, sorting, merging, and transformation of rainbow tables

Editor’s Note on Best Ethical Hacking Tools

Ethical hacking is the practice of actively implementing precautions to safeguard systems against attackers with shady motives regarding data confidentiality using advanced hacking software. In essence, ethical hacking tools are computational models and algorithms that can find security holes in channels, websites, online networks, and data centers.

These ethical hacking tools are offered in a wide variety and are available on both open-source and paid platforms. Employers increasingly look for trained and licensed ethical hackers to stop cybercrimes as a result of rising online threats and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability assessment and monitoring operations make it simpler to spot security problems in local or remote programs. It aids in early vulnerability discovery and prevention of systems.

We hope you liked our list of some of the best ethical hacking tools and found it insightful. Let us know which hacking software you prefer for your ethical hacking practices with reasons.

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