Your smartphone is using so much battery? This is how you should save battery life.

Nowadays smartphones available in the market are strong enough to perform the extreme level of task, but unfortunately, battery life makes users stop. Smartphones makers are working hard to overcome this issue and come up with a strong performing battery.

Many users make it possible for a whole single day, thinking once a charge is enough. But sometimes uneven methods of using these smartphones make heavy-duty phones battery to go down.

The thing behind this is that human need is increasing day by day. Users expect to perform more task using their smartphone as Personal Computer. At the same time using inappropriate way of using these smartphones lead to low battery life.

Here are the Tips to strengthen battery life:

1. Lesser the home screen icons

Screenshot of multiple app icons.

More the icons on home screen, more the battery it consumes. Smartphones that come up with menu options consume much battery when app icons stored on the home screen itself. This is because double icons got placed in the Android interface which results in consuming more battery.


  • Delete less use app icons from home screen.
  • Create folders of the associated app.
  • Try to make single page home screen.

2. Close down vibration

Picture showing vibration motor.

Vibration during calls, messages and from any other notifications consumes much more battery. Smartphones come up with a small motor that vibrates when motor received signal. Motor working consumes little more battery of our usage. Sensible thing is that this vibration motor help users to receive communication when they are in the crowded area.


  • Lesser the use of vibration mode.
  • Become choosy in need.

3. Kill things you aren’t using

Clear apps

Background running app/apps are using battery considerably. Users use the various applications at a time and forget to close the background apps. All the unclosed applications are using that much of battery of running apps.


  • Clear app/apps that are not in use.
  • Clear all apps once not in use.

4. Use of Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode

Nowadays most smartphones come up with a power saving mode. Using this tool effectively help in saving more power. Working behind this is that it restrict background data usage, background running app and control the processing. Using of Power Saving Mode result in long-lasting battery life spam.


  • Always turn on Power Saving Mode
  • Use of extreme Power Saving Mode at low battery time.
  • Battery saving app (Non-Power Saving Mode users.)

5. Auto brightness

Auto-Brightness mode

Putting smartphones in auto brightness saves battery consumption. Brightness when in auto mode changes according to the need automatically. One can also get proper visuality, as it balances low brightness consume less battery and high brightness consume higher battery together. This result in long-lasting battery backup.


  • Always put phones in auto brightness mode.
  • Lower the brightness when in dark.

6. Turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

This connectivity features available in the smartphones do battery consumable task that we even can’t think. These features use much battery, turning them off can save up to 10% of whole day battery.


  • Turn off connectivity features ( WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS)
  • Use this when required and then turn off.

7. You shouldn’t be associated all day, every day

Turn of mobile data

Mobile data is the fast way to battery consumption. Mobile data is consuming as much of battery that you even can’t think. Continue use of data and continue use of background data when not in use results in battery consumption up to 25%. So the best way is to turn off mobile data when not in use.


  • Don’t need to be connected 24/7
  • Turning off mobile data when not in use.
  • At least do this for night time when you are in rest mode.

So, do this to have a long day battery.




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