Surfing on Public WiFI? Here is step by step instructions to surf the web securely on open Wi-Fi systems

Now days using a Public WiFi is a common thing. Everyone, it may be a student, corporate employee or a businessman somewhere using Public WiFi which may be protected or may not be protected. Now the question is arise that the publically available WiFi is secured for you or not?

Definitely, Programmers can without much of a stretch see what you’re doing on your PC/Mobile if you are working on public WiFi, so you need to utilize a VPN to make it harder.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a protected passage between at least two gadgets. VPNs are utilized to shield private web movement from snooping, obstruction, and oversight. Here’s is how to use VPN on your Pc or Phone.

How to use VPN on your Pc or Phone.

Using of VPN is much easier, but difficult task is to choose best VPN service, providers. From the bulk of VPN service providers, many of them are fake that provide useful information to advertisers that they are linked too. Many of them are costlier to use, as they charge heavy according to the data used while connected to VPN. So, choosing best of all is all about VPN.

What TechApprise recommend.

For Mobile Phone

Utilizing open wifi through mobile phones is normal and dangerous as well. Large numbers of snooping cases were from the mobile device only.

Here we recommend using one of these two applications.

1. Turbo VPN 


Turbo VPN totally free and highly reliable application with millions of users already using it. It doesn’t have data tops, doesn’t snoop on client information and has servers in nations around the world other than China.

2. VPN by Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access helps you go anonymously by providing separate IP to protect your privacy. It provides username and password once the user registers on their server. Received username and password can be used both on the computer and mobile device, you just need to install VPN software.

For Computers

Users huge necessary details are stored on their personal computer.

1. TunnelBear

One of the best VPN for desktop or laptop is TunnelBear.

All you have to do is add an extension of Google Chrome and create a free account.

For the first month, it provides about 1Gb of data and later on 500mb that you can upgrade according to your requirement.

With the fast changing world, you have been faster and smarter in using these facilities. Keep yourself aware of any such risks while using Public Wi-Fi and open networks as well.

We will continue to update you on how to keep yourself and your data protected in the future posts.

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