Russian completely ban use of Telegram over encryption issue.

Telegram is a messaging app that has 200million active users per month whole over the world. Large numbers of members in a single group are the reason of popularity.

Right now Russian court bans the use of telegram with immediate effect over sharing of the encrypted message of users to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications, and technology chief in a lawsuit asked the court to allow permission for a complete ban of the telegram in and around Russian territories. A lawsuit hearing of 18 minutes only done it all. Now telegram is ban in Russia until they provide the ability to decrypted keys to Russia's FSB.

This all came a month after telegram lost a claim it recorded against Russia's shrouded security organization. A broad anti-terrorism law in 2016 that commanded giving the security administrations secondary passage access to encoded applications, among different measures.

The telegram had been challenging this anti-terrorism law while saying that telegram is used by lawyers, reporters, government officials, and others superior body. Sharing of information is not valid. As a result, the issue got large and come up with the total ban in Russia.

Russia, on the other hand, thinks that due to strong privacy protection of telegram, it is widely used by Islamic states and other extremist groups. This is against Russia's anti-terrorism law,2016 according to FSB.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov on the other side responded to the total disruption of service.
“At Telegram, we have the luxury of not caring about revenue streams or ad sales,” says Durov. “Privacy is not for sale, and human rights should not be compromised out of fear or greed.”

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