Passcope Windows Password Reset Review

Have you ever come up with an issue where you have forgotten your Windows Password?

Do you know what are the steps that you need to follow to recover or reset your Windows Forgotten Password?

In this article, I will take you to each process or step that you must follow to hack into Windows 10-locked Computer without a Password.

To begin with, you must be clear that to reset or recover a Windows password you should have a tool that allows you to do so.

I am choosing the Windows Password Reset Tool by Passcope. This tool is known for its professionalism in the all-in-one tool where you can reset domain password, local password, and even Microsoft account password for every windows system.


Windows Password Reset by Passcope comes up with some great features, which includes:

  1. Remove or reset Windows Administrator and Windows guest user/other user passwords
  2. Remove or reset Domain Administrator and Domain guest user/other user passwords
  3. Creates local admin account from the boot menu to unlock the locked system
  4. Creates a new domain administrator account in case your password is hacked by someone
  5. Enables you to reset your Microsoft Password for Windows 8 and Windows 10

With great features like this, passcope is also known for its ease of use. You can easily reset the password without any guide and prerequisite knowledge.

How to reset or Recover Windows Password?

To reset Windows password, you need to follow a 3-steps process which is going to take around 10 minutes to complete the task. Follow these steps and get your password reset.

  1. Install Windows Password Reset on an accessible system.
  2. You must burn Windows Password Reset disk to an external device. You will have 2 options to burn, 1st one is CD/DVD and 2nd one is a USB Flash Drive (make sure that both the externals have no data stored in it). Insert one of them and choose the option between CD/DVD and USB. Then click on “Begin Burning”.

Burning will take some time and once the process gets completed, you are ready to reset the password.

  • Insert the device to the locked computer and boot the system from the burned disk.

How to boot locked windows from Password Reset Disk?

To enter the Password Reset Tool and reset the locked password, follow these steps:

Windows Password Reset Review 2019 - Passcope | TechApprise
  1. Insert bootable reset disk in a locked system, restart computer and press “Esc” or “F12”.
  2. In the boot menu interface, choose the Flash/CD/DVD and press enter.
  3. Now a new window will open. Select windows and user whose password needs to be reset. Click on reset and once the reset is done, click on reboot.

That’s all, now you can log in to your system without any password.


Windows Password Reset comes up with 4 Paid versions. All versions are available for Unlimited PCs with an external drive password reset disk option. There are some major and minor differences between the 4 plans ranging from US $17.95 to $79.95. Have a look at these differences.

  1. Professional – With the price of $17.95 you can reset Windows local user password and can create an external password reset disk. No other features like Domain and Microsoft account password recovery are not available.
  2. Ultimate – By paying $27.95 you will get a recovery option for Windows Local User, Domain Administrator, and Microsoft account. This is the most common version purchased by the users.
  3. Special – In this version, you will get everything except the Support Raid at the price of $45.95.
  4. Raid – The premium version of Passcope comes up with all recovery options. Along with this, additional features include an option to create a new Administrator Account and delete the existing Windows user account. You will also get Support Raid from passcope with this version at the price of $79.95.

Choose the best version which suits you best according to your need.

Note: The term “Unlimited Pcs” means a license can install only on one system. With that installation, you can reset and recover the password for as many devices as you want to.

Final Verdict

I recommend you use this software if you want to recover the password. With 100% recovery, this software is well-known among Windows password recovery software.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff