How to Reset Windows 10 Password Without Reset Disk

Forgetting password is the most common issue, but have you ever forgot the Windows 10 password and don’t know how to reset the password? Resetting password is somewhat similar to Windows 8 but slight tweaks are there. But, I can assure you that you can do this easily if you will follow my steps.

Resetting password without the reset disk can be done by using some tools or software. I am using Windows Password Recovery as one of the software to do so. WinPassKey is the best tool that is currently available in the market and since the year 2000, people are using this tool for resetting local or domain password.

Here a question arises, how this software will work without access to the operating system? And a short answer to this question is that with this tool you can reset the password on admin panel only. Here is how all this work.

What all Windows password recovery tool can do?

Well as everything is suggested by the name, it can do a lot more than what name conclude. With 100% data recovery rate, WinPass Key stands out as the best data recovery tool to reset windows 10 password.


1. Recover password for all windows – Reset administrator password and recover all domain passwords

2. Support all system files – Support system files including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5

3. Create bootable CD/DVD and USB Flash Drive

4. Support to all Windows – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, and other windows server

5. Fastest, Safest, and Easy to use – Interface is fast + easy to use and keep your privacy safe

How to Reset Windows 10 Password

Resetting Windows 10 Password is easy and it is a 3 step process that can be done by any of you. You need to follow these 3 simple steps and get your work done.

Step 1:

You need to download and install WinPassKey software to any system on which you have access (any logged in the system). Consider one thing in mind, that the version should of same windows only.

Step 2:

After the installation of software, here is the time to make a decision between the device to choose to create a bootable space. I will recommend you to use USB Flash Drive for faster process. In case you have a CD or want to boot to CD, then go away with this. There is no issue in that too.

Once decided, click on burn now to start burning to bootable device.

Step 3:

Once the burning is completed by the tool, you need to follow this last step. Eject the device from the logged in system and insert it into the logged out system, the PC whose password had been forgotten by you.

Then boot the locked computer with the help of that device and select the Windows system and user account which you want to gain access with, and then hit the “Reset Password” button to reset windows 10 password. If you want to create a new administrator, then click on “Add User”.

Reboot the computer and have access to logged in system.


This software is available in Trial Version and other 3 paid versions. I recommend you to go for Trial Version first and understand the usability. After this, you can go for paid versions which include:

1. Professional: Available at the price of $29.95

2. Advanced: Support all features and available at the price of $49.76

3. Raid: Support windows server runs on raid system at the price of $79.95

For such sort of work, I personally recommend you to go for this software. You will surely be resolved with such issue at a short span of time.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff