New AI Bot “DoNotPay” Allow Rebooking & Refund To Flight Fluctuations

Not need more ZeeA new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Bot developed by a student of Stanford University, Joshua Browder named DoNi

On 6th March 2018, he launched DoNotPay‘ flight and hotel price protection service which is completely free and available online.

Air travellers may know that flights prices are subject to the fluctuations.

So DoNotPay will allow the users to rebook the same flight and get refund in case whenever that occurs.

DoNotPay’s new service works by regularly checking every U.S. airline and air travel booking site for price changes.

Once a user registers for free, the bot will automatically look for all the travel confirmations in your email and check for changes in price about 17,000 times a day — or roughly every five seconds — until your flight departs. This isn’t an arbitrary rate, since some routes supposedly change prices every six seconds, according to the Economist.
When the robot lawyer finds that the price has dropped, it will then scan the exact terms of your ticket to “find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you.” DoNotPay would then move you to the cheaper flight and make the airlines refund the difference directly to your account.

The process repeats until it DoNotPay finds the lowest possible offered for your fare class, or at least until just before your flight’s scheduled ddeparture, according to the Futurism.
“For example, if someone books a $560 flight from New York to Hawaii on United Airlines and the price drops to $120, they are automatically paid $440 by the airline,” Browder explained in a press release.

To our surprise like all of us, AI has stepped its foot even in the legal areas.

With the assistance of DoNotPay, now users will get refund automatically and also they don’t have to involve and read the whole terms and conditions as these are quite verbose.

AI is truly the future of this year.


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